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The Annual Course Listing is a reference document for MCI course .. and Patrolling A The LAV Crewman B Desert Operations. D K H K B B C B J K G C D A B B. Wednesday, May 18, lnp8,ta, Ma 18, HOUSEHOLD COODS 48 1 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES: BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES 44! rev DISCOUNT HOUSE.

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Designed for Pvt-Sgt who are assigned duties as disbursing clerks or in an allied field. NoneProvides basic maintenance and operations for engineers, fills the gap with regard to 038a school training and experience in the operating forces.

The course also gives examples of and procedures for effective leadership in garrison and in combat situations. Covers management concepts, input procedures, reports, files, and validations.

Mci Course List

American Council on Education Designed for Pvt-Sgt in the 35 occupational field. Other job aids are available in a paper-based format through MCI. Emphasizes the basic principles of fire distribution and control of AAV weapons. M Harlem Drive Bldg. No paper-based products are available. NoneProvides information about the organization and employment of the MAGTF and its relation to communications planning.

MCI Catalog – [PDF Document]

The user is asked to enter their SSN and date of birth, confirm their E-mail address, and click the Request Account button. Designated for all Marines. This job aid is designed as a ready reference for use by Marines embarking equipment Description: Designed for Sgt-MGySgt in the 25 occupational field. This publication is designed for infantry Marines but applicable to any ground unit. NoneDesigned to help prospective NCOs master the difficult art of leadership.


It will cover M-9 safety procedures, maintenance, firing techniques, and marksmanship principles.

Additional Education and Training Sources French Creek Recreation Center Bldg. It is intended as a guide only and does not replace the sentence computation application within the Corrections Management Information System software.

Designed for SSgt-WO in occupational field Emphasizes maintenance management terminology, resources, productions, and information. It also addresses planning and conducting a counseling session. For more information on how to request a transcript.

Mci Course List – dc power training courses

This course will reflect updated procedures, doctrine, and current equipment and cover subjects not taught at the formal mxi. Designed for Sgt-MGySgt in the 25 occupational field.

A passing grade enables the student to begin the next module. NCO Provides the student with a basic knowledge of the day-to-day operations and procedures a noncommissioned officer in the MOS is required to know. Once the account is approved. The commanding officer or designated representative is responsible for administering the student’s examination. Consists of modules containing self-instructional dialogues and performance tests. The certificate will not be mailed to the student but can be printed locally.


Additional information can be found on the CCE Web site at www. Marines must have access to current motor transport orders.

Your Information Need: Mci Course List – Scribd – Scribd – Read Unlimited Books

Designed for all Marines. Private through sergeant in any aviation maintenance occupational field or MOS. Address and telephone numbers are provided below. Designed for Cpl-Sgt in the 03 occupational field. Discusses Article 31 rights, punitive investigations, the non-judicial punishment process, and the impact of violating standing rules of engagement.

Discusses non-logic and transistor logic circuits. Privates through sergeants who are assigned as members of a 60mm mortar squad. Designed 0338aa LCpl-Sgt who are or may be assigned as an aviation maintenenace work center supervisor.

Submit applications as indicated below: