May 10, 2019


AAMA Sets High Standards for Coated Aluminum Extrusions and Panels. Strict criteria result in better performance. May [ Page 5 of 8 ]. AAMA The Highest Standard in the Industry. In accordance with standards, aluminum extrusions or panels must undergo a surface preparation for a. AAMA is a Voluntary Specification, Perormance Requirements and Test Procedures for Superior Organic Coatings on Aluminum Extrusions and Panels.

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This tests the number of years a product is likely to resist wearing off. AAMA MEMBER American Architectural Manufacturers Association, a material-neutral organization, is the source of performance standards for the fenestration professionals of window, door, skylight, curtain wall and storefront manufacturing companies. Our technical experts at Linetec provide valuable industry education of high-performance architectural finishes to architects, engineers, specifiers and manufacturers.

For more than a decade, environmental responsibility has been written into our core values. The sample panel is immersed in boiling water for 20 minutes. Please contact AAMA for assistance, as needed. Film does not rupture. Includes information from the previous AAMA document.

Tape is applied over the deformed area and sharply removed at a right angle to the panel. A tester drop dart impacts the surface in order to deform a small piece of the sample.

For all tests, there should be no removal of coating under the tape either within or outside the cross hatched area, nor blistering anywhere on the test specimen.

When formulated into a coating composition containing a minimum of 70 percent PVDF resin, the resultant coatings exhibit superior color and gloss retention, chalk and corrosion resistance, flexibility, stain resistance, overall durability, and can stand up to direct sun, wama temperature variations and acidic pollutants without fading.


If needed, the DMC asks the appropriate committee to review and refine the document. Specular gloss can be inherent in the material, or the result of the molding process or surface texture.

Sand is filtered through a funnel until it wears through the top coat. A degree gloss meter measures newly finished aluminum for a gloss value.

The finish provides good protection and adhesion; it is typically used as 2650 base for another, final finish. These paints are somewhat less expensive, but have poor resistance to color fading and chalking.

This is a test for a coating lifting off the substrate. Linetec has earned a long-standing reputation as a leader in environmentally-conscious practices and finishing options.

Standards were developed to assure the building community that coatings on extruded aluminum retain their integrity.

This specification covers axma spray coatings only. AAMA is the high-performance exterior specification. Salt Spray 4, hours 3, hours 1, hours Humidity 4, hours 3, hours 1, hours Warranty 10 Year 5 Years 1 Year. In this version, an appendix was added describing differences in test procedures and performance requirements for AAMA for Superior Performing Amaa Coatings, applied on a coil coating line, to aluminum architectural products.

Color uniformity must be consistent with color range or numerical value established between the approval source and the applicator.


The amount of sand falling onto the test sample without wearing through the surface must be within calculated parameters. In addition, the same impact resistance and chemical resistance are used in both standards. Subscribe to Architectural Record. A one-year South Florida weathering test is optional.

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In places where there are environmental concerns, chrome pretreatment may not be allowed. For years, architects recognized and as standards for organic coatings on architectural aluminum and panels.


These finishes exhibit outstanding resistance to humidity, color change, ama, gloss loss and chemicals.

Coatings should be visibly free from flow lines, streaks, blisters or other surface imperfections in the dry-film state on exposed surfaces when observed at a distance of 10 feet 3 m from the metal surface and inspected at an angle of 90 awma to the surface.

Unlike roll-form aluminum, clad extrusions are formed first and then painted.

The Highest Standard in the Industry In accordance with standards, aluminum extrusions or panels must undergo a surface preparation for a PVDF coating application that involves the following steps: Beyond the stringent standards and regulations of AAMA, Linetec offers a downloadable aamw spec with specifiable differences that contribute to a projects long life, durability and sustainability.

This results in superior adhesion and a consistently thick finish so that clad products retain color and gloss qualities. For best results, before the finish is applied, aluminum cladding goes through a five-step pre-treatment process to ensure the finish adheres smoothly.

The sample panel should then be removed and wiped dry, after which the film adhesion test is repeated.

Paint AAMA Specifications | Linetec

The standards also give buyers an added measure of quality assurance and serve as a reference point for regulators. During manufacturing, a chemical bond is created between the extruded aluminum and the paint to resist chalking and fading.

Coatings with 70 percent PVFD on aluminum substrate show minimal chalking and fading at 5, 10 and even 20 years of exposure.