November 24, 2018


In Part 1 of this article, I began describing Aaron Mattes’s Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), explaining the seven defining characteristics of this uniquely effective. The Mattes Method contains over color photos. A stretching book teaching the proper mechanics of stretching. Specific isolated methods of stretching. Aaron Mattes MS, RKT, LMT, 33 years ago developed a myofascial release technique which he termed Active Isolated Stretching (AIS). Aaron Mattes has.

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Our books and charts feature full-color pictures with descriptions of exercises and the muscles they’re stretching. Metgod Mattes Method of Active Isolated Stretching utilizes a facilitated stretch technique based on anatomical awareness of muscle tendon origin and insertion within its appropriate motion plane.

Jenn rated it really liked it Sep 23, Unlock your full potential Improve the elasticity Easy to follow programs Read More Shop for Products Manuals for the trainer, massage therapist, chiropractor or doctor. Locate a qualified AIS Practitioner in your area.

Another benefit is that by simultaneously ksolated the muscle on one side of a joint and strengthening its counterpart on the other side, AIS creates a balance of muscular tone that leaves the joint stronger and more resilient. Following these stretches, ice can be applied to minimize the secondary inflammatory components at the attachment sites.

Active Isolated Stretching: The Mattes Method, Part 2

Peg Homel rated it really liked it Dec 31, Between sessions, I teach clients certain AIS stretching and exercise protocols they can do on their own. Perhaps I just need more time.

Many of them have been associated with Mattes for years. Whenever I take a course and can’t wait until I get home to call up some patients who did not respond as well as I thought they should, I know I have spent a valuable weekend. The Mattes Method contains over color photos.

Veronica Hernandez rated it it was amazing Mar 30, This book is also great for a parent who wishes to improve either the athletic potential of their child, loved one or sports team that they may work with. Haggquist completed his residency training in physical medicine and rehabilitation at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia, his osteopathic internship at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, and his medical education at Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences.


He is founder of the Muscular Therapy Institute.

Mar 25, Katherine Mandrin rated it really liked it. Readers of my past articles will be familiar with the types of treatment plans I generally recommend for tendon and ligament injuries, involving some combination of rest, friction therapy, deep massage, and a few specific exercises for the methdo to do at home.

Taking a medical history, identify for an onset of trauma, overloading stress, repetitive motion or disease process that may lead to micro-injury to musculoskeletal structures.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. His stretching book, Active Isolated Stretching: Proper posture, proprioceptive training and specific home exercise program which include self-stretching and strengthening are critical in preventing recurrent skeletal asymmetries, poor postural positions as well as reaggravation within activities which would increase mechanical stress and tension causing reactivation matts the myofascial pain syndrome. In treating musculoskeletal injuries, a concise knowledge of human anatomy attachment points and actions need to be mastered.

He presents a method of stretching that appears simplistic, but requires specific positioning and technique between the practitioner and patient.

Don rated it really liked it Jul 21, The same technique is then repeated anywhere from eight but no more than ten times having each subsequent facilitated stretch achieve an incremental gain in degrees of range of motion. One great meyhod of AIS is that it enables therapists to treat mmethod that simply streetching be reached with the hands such as the piriformis attachment to the sacrum.

Have met the man and worked under him and his practices and ideas are truly life changing and revolutionary. When a muscle becomes overstretched, over-shortened or is subject to direct trauma, the muscle fibers may tear or fray.

With AIS, we can isolate and perform focused stretching on each of these muscles, working toward restoring normal posture and gait. Zn rated it really liked it May 28, Kinesiology Application To Motion.


The book is fairly comprehensive as to stretches for different sports.

Spiral-boundpages. No trivia or quizzes yet. First, identify the muscle to be stretched, knowing its attachment site i. In the case of musculoskeletal injuries, an accurate myofascial diagnosis needs to be established. This muscle-stretching technique creates a plastic deformation.

Active Isolated Stretching: The Mattes Method, Part 2 |

Typically, I would expect it to take at least 10 sessions of friction therapy and massage for this type of injury to heal. Bailliere Tindall,16— Streching therapists are trained in many techniques to correct for musculo skeletal problems and injuries. Correlate the areas of injury with their expected referred pain patterns to confirm the diagnosis.

He has trained elite athletes and is the medical director of the Flexibility, Sports, and Rehabilitation Clinic in Washington, D. Jessie rated it it was amazing Feb 11, Physical therapists study the musculoskeletal system in great detail; however, the application to myofascial dysfunction is not mentioned in most physical therapy curricula.

Should you have any further questions regarding this article, please direct your questions or comments to ” Ask the Doctor ” isolafed.

There were approximately people present, with enough assistants who really were excellent students of the Mattes method to help with the hands-on process. I suppose that after so many years leaning over patients, my posture has slumped somewhat. Benjamin, PhD, holds a doctorate in education and sports medicine.

Benjamin with Jeffrey P.

The Mattes Method when incorporated with a home exercise program has been successful in maintaining clinical outcome. A stretching book teaching the proper mechanics of stretching. Cative a further benefit, the promotion of active, healthy muscle simultaneously promotes the health and growth of the surrounding nerves. The Assisted Section will teach you how to properly assist someone when stretching.

Increased strength allows them to absorb a greater amount of force, and isolatwd flexibility allows them to lengthen further before becoming strained. Mattes, Active Isolated Stretching: