November 23, 2018


“Andy Nyman is my favourite Mentalist in the world. And, his own book, Bulletproof, containing many of Andy’s edgy, dark, hilarious, and odd routines, was an. 25 Mar Announcing Andy Nyman’s new book: BULLETPROOF. “Nyman is my man. A new book full of his twisted and wonderful thinking will be a. Andy Nyman – Bulletproof PDF SOLD OUT Edited by Todd Karr Preface by David Berglas Foreword by Derren Brown “A beautifully produced.

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First, the blurb says that book is pages. His acting career is really taking off, and I suspect that there might not be a lot more magic to come from “The Diamond” but I hope I am wrong. Jheff Poncher said that Bulletproof was the best mentalism product ofand I cannot disagree. I will gladly throw away 3 years of work to start using the billet routine described in Bulletproof– it’s just that strong.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Andy Nyman’s Bulletproof

Thanks for making the production values so high on the book. Charade and The Sven Demo give you wonderful magician-fooling things to do with a Svengali deck. In the ad we’re only given titles, not effects. I think that almost all of them are very good indeed, and many are excellent. I’m certain that by the end ofif not much sooner, they will no longer be available. Now he finally reveals some of his most preciously guarded secrets in Bulletproof, one of the most incredible mind-reading books ever published.

If you are a fan of Nymans stuff and want something special, its a no brainer Couldn’t agree more. I’m sure it’s very cool to own and play nymxn. This is a limited edition of copies. It made a welcome relief from the glut of badly spelled items released to the magic fraternity.


Okay, so are there are considerations? Nothing new here, as already stated, however if you are after a lecture full of tips on performance than you are learning from one of the best. The Stalking of Marie Ambrose is a full-scale spooky seance, enhanced by the creepy props supplied.

Although his assailant has a free choice of the order of the weapons, Andy still determines exactly where xndy one was hidden.

Anyone who is a fan of Andy’s work will understand what I mean by this. Not many other books, especially mentalism books, have done that. Stone Purse by N. Then, he has a couple of guys choose random words from a few cards, and he divines not only the first word, but also where it is in the dictionary.

Also attached inside the book: The highlight of the book is, of course, all the tipped-in material.

This book exceeded all of my expectations. Whenever I see something jyman Nyman’s name I’m interested. You have certainly produced another beautiful ‘libro de magia. I knew that this book would be nothing short of the best of the year when it was published.

Also attached inside the book: If you do not receive this email, please contact us here: Bulletproof by Andy Nyman Review area devoted to Magic books, leaflets and other printed material.

His thinking is devious which in magic bulletprroof for a double whammy. If you are paying in this way you MUST write your Yourname order number in the description section when paying so we can easily recognize your payment. But it wasn’t the tricks that made this lecture awesome. Sunday, July 5th, at 7: Bulletproof will teach you over three dozen of his reputation-makers, all practical, commercial, and diabolical, routined with Nyman’s renowned psychological precision.


Time After Time Have you read the Bible, Pete? This is not the best lecture I have ever watched. Do I really need to say anything more? You can spend it on anything you like at Penguin, just like cash.

That said, I’m sure pros who can get good mileage out of the material will find the props to be durable enough for plenty of use. Congratulations to the Miracle Factory and all of you involved. Others waited over a year. The effects, everyone of them, is amazing, but like i already say, they are not new, he has released them already bulketproof you are not going to learn anything he hasnt already taught.

ChrisWall Regular user England Posts. The Screw-Up Factor 4.

Bulletproof by Andy Nyman –

Where I think Andy excels is his presentation. The book is primarily illustrated by photos, both black and white and color, plus by the distinguishing addition of charming vintage advertising line art. The book has a unique look, and the combination of material is great.

You won’t be bulpetproof. Shrubsole Inner circle Kent, England Posts. Nyman presents easy to master effects that anyone can pull off but the simplicity makes them clean and deceptive.

The details are below:. Following a long gestation period, a not unusual happenstance for a Miracle Factory product, Bulletproof arrived over the Christmas holidays and significantly perked up an already bountiful season.