March 23, 2019


Aquelarre RPG [in English]. Unofficial community for Aquelarre, the AQUELARRE — the dark & mature medieval RPG *now in English*. Join. About Community. Aquelarre, the dark medieval RPG. likes · 11 talking about this. Aquelarre is a Spanish tabletop RPG in a dark medieval setting that is in its 3rd. Following the success of our Kickstarter project to fund a translation of the classic Spanish RPG Aquelarre (pre-orders still available) published.

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Instead of basing the goals on the total dollar volume of the project, our stretch goals are dependent on how copies of the full-color editions aauelarre backers request as pledge rewards.

I believe the reason is because backing a project requires a retailer to put aside precious capital. It’s a way to bring creative aqurlarre to life. The new edition of Aquelarre has absolutely stunning faux medieval art and imo would be worth buying for the art alone.

The RPGPundit: 10th Anniversary Classic Rant: Aquelarre, and the Fucking Basques!

Note also that these goals are primarily for additions to the full-color edition of Aquelarre. Here’s what you do to get your medieval dark magic kick instead: Rrpg, have any of you bought Cthulhu Dark Ages, or were thinking of doing so? Originally shared by Loris Gianadda – 4 comments.

We’ll send you the beautiful artwork for the Game Director’s Screen as a desktop wallpaper.

At about pages, Aquelarre offers everything you expect to find in a fantasy RPG: Estimated delivery Jan I win because I have your support for my project. All of that is welcome here. Check out the FAQ.

We’ll also include a PDF of the “Brevarium”. He views this translation project as a labor of love. Gamers love to talk, no matter if it’s telling some anecdote or asking for help with some rules, to share new adventures or game helps. Of course, personal characteristics shown on the character sheet below play their part, too. Of course, you could simply arrange to sell the extra three copies to the retailer, in which case you have very graciously acted as lender to your FLGS because you advanced the payment for the books.


In fact, it’s a huge and very complete game. Or it might just be difficult to maintain this pace.

I’m gonna run this very soon! For a printed copy of King Arthur Pendragon Edition 5.

Spanish edition of Aquelarre. May aquearre “co-branded projects” include Aquelarre? If your country isn’t listed by name in this list or above, then please send me a message about your shipping rate. A good community creates a better game. I’d heard rumors of translations on several occasions but I think nothing has come of it. Examples of the brilliant artwork by Jaime Garcia Mendoza illustrate this project page.

AQUELARRE — the dark & mature medieval RPG *now in English*

English-language version of the Aquelarre xquelarre sheet. I hope all of these rpt fans find our Kickstarter project! This project is primarily about the translating and publishing Aquelarre as a deluxe English-language RPG, but in addition to extra copies of either edition of the game, there are several items available in return for increasing your pledge. How does this work?

It also includes detailed information about the medieval Iberian setting, the cosmology of angels and demons, and a bestiary. Could this be the seed of a edition in French?

The Masquerade and Mage: I am pleased to bring you the news that this year is the 25th aniversary of the game. My grandmother was an Errandonea!


AQUELARRE — the dark & mature medieval RPG *now in English* by Stewart Wieck — Kickstarter

Drag photos anywhere to start a new post. The game system itself relies mainly on percentile rolls against either characteristic ratings or skills based on those and on character experience.

I believe Aquelarre deserves an English-speaking audience, and based on reviews and forum comments posted online, there’s a good number of people who seem to agree with me. Lester notes, “For this Kickstarter, I avoided listing a major summoning or anything that requires human sacrifice. These coins are quite large at 39mm wide — the size of a poker chip. This is the complete version of Aquelarre that is the primary ambition of our project. Some of the artwork is disturbing.

A printed version of the adventure will be added to the Game Director’s Screen, so if your pledge includes this item or you select it as an add-onthen you’ll receive the printed version too!


Ahskar 20 October at Here, demons haunt castles, elves skulk in the forest, alchemists concoct spells, and witches laugh and laugh around their campfire in a forest clearing bathed in moonlight, as the demon sitting among them raises his goatish head and grins, directly at aquellarre, dear reader, saying, “Welcome to the aquelarre; welcome to the coven. And there’s plenty more. Ships to Anywhere in the world. You can read all about this in Update 5. The Nosolorol version of custom-printed d