February 9, 2019


Athletic Shorts has ratings and reviews. Bonnie said: This short story collection serves as my introduction to Chris Crutcher as an author. These six powerful short stories chronicle bits of the lives of characters, major and minor, who have walked the rugged terrain of Chris Crutcher’s earlier w. These six stories from acclaimed author Chris Crutcher are about athletes, but are not simply sports stories. Here he presents characters from some of his be.

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Sep 16, Nick rated it it was amazing.


When the story starts, his family and he are going fishing. Too proud to stay away yet terrified to go, his problems are complicated by his secret love for the elected queen and by the fact that kids have always teased him because both his parents are gay. By pitting a teenage boy and girl against each other in a wrestling match.

I have chosen my favorite one to go into depth about. Lionel Serbousek and Neal were best friends. Then, he transitions into how this guy is going to wrestle this girl and he is going to show her a atgletic a two and uses sexual innuendos. Johnny is pushed to the limit by his competitive, and sometimes abusive dad.

Short stories are also great for when you don’t have time for a whole novel – you can read a crutcjer in one sitting, and if you don’t One of my favorite young adult authors, Chris Crutcher writes realistic stories about realistic people with realistic problems. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Powerful stories worth reading. While reading this book you investigate the lives of kids who are struggling with finding themselves, and learning to deal with the mess that is called life.

Athletic Shorts a compilation of short stories by Chris Crutcher addresses a slew of difficult topics from being an obese teen, to father and son relationships, even what to do when faced with wrestling a girl!


With the guidance of his grandfather, the boy meets up with the girl and they figure something out that will leave the crowd, and the coaches in awe. Each character is a complex realistic person with all the typical teen problems in their own ways. Make you feel the way I felt I look crutchdr to reading more books by this author. When a author has the opportunity to further develop aspects from a previous novel that he didn’t get to explore at the time, great things can happen.

Dec 11, Alexandra Doucette rated it it was amazing. Although the characters deal with athletics, it’s really a secondary conflict in all of their lives. Jan 14, Ashley Colleen rated it it was ok Shelves: If only he had screamed a little louder Lists with This Book. All with male main characters that chrls a sport as an important fhris of their lives, these stories are complete portrayals that show growth or change.

Jun 01, Melissa rated it liked it. Sshorts only read the first story but it was really intriguing. One story is about a boy, who is bigger than most kids and gets picked on, but that is not the only peculiar thing about Angus Bethune; besides his name, his parents are divorced and have remarried.

Marcia Vining Crutcher, C. The boy is uneasy about this because no one in their small town has been heard of having AIDS and he is unsure if he will catch it just from being around him. It puts you into a world where everything horrible happens. He’s willing to take one for the team Oct 31, Logan Cjris rated it it was amazing.

Athletic Shorts: Six Short Stories – Wikipedia

This should be a great draw for drama loving teen readers. He’s been on his own since then as well. Lionel has to overcome the death of crjtcher family. The so-vulnerable Lionel Stotan! The fourth short story is about Lionel Serbousek, who lives an angry life.


Also, to a student who may be dealing with something that they could relate to one of the main characters in one of the stories. The reading level is a little difficult for reluctant readers and some of the older references will go over their heads some of them went over my head!

Six Short Stories Book. Angus tries to win her heart over in the one dance they get together. Readers who have already read some of Crutcher’s work will probably recognize characters and settings, as he tends to set his stories in the same geographical area. Crutcher provided why he chose to write that particular story, or who encouraged him in the writing process for that story.

As with all adults, or most, we think “If only I knew then what I know now. The setting of this book is all over the place, as it is six different short stories xthletic different characters. Lionel’s parents and younger brother were killed by his best friend from a drunken boating accident.

However, the book did seem to lack what I thought it would have more of. I liked this book because it was different to see all of the different stories in one book.

Angus is very self-conscious, and is often picked on for the way that he looks because he is a little bigger than everyone else. This book reminds us shprts almost everyone feels self conscious at some point in their lives.