December 31, 2018


The frequency-agile Audio-Technica ATWa hand-held wireless system’s 10 -channel UHF performance suits a wide range of applications. The ATWa. Buy Audio-Technica ATWAI Series Wireless Handheld Microphone System: Handheld Wireless Microphones – ✓ FREE DELIVERY. Audio-Technica ATWa Handheld UHF Wireless Systems ATW-Ra receiver and ATW-Ta handheld cardioid dynamic microphone/transmitter.

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I would like to see a better housing instead of the plastic, but over-all it was good money for the investment. That small issue kept me from giving the Series an otherwise perfect score. It offers all the advantages of a high-quality, professional wireless system at an extremely affordable price. Features switchable antenna power. You may find helpful information on the FCC’s recent auction of the MHz frequency range and Audio-Technica’s current state and what our intended actions will be here: Select a microphone or cable with a cW-style locking 4-pin connector to complete the system.

Some systems on the market that are sold as multiple microphone transmitters and a single case receiver are actually multiple receivers built into a single casing, similar to the System 10 PRO. Actual selling price may vary; please check with an authorized Audio-Technica dealer.

Series Frequency-agile True Diversity UHF Wireless Systems || Audio-Technica

They are as follows Ask a Markertek Expert if you need assistance finding an appropriate substitute. Any of the Series’ 10 channels may be used together without any frequency coordination problems or group selection issues. I long for a tactile style aka series or at least one you can operated without having to turning the unit upside down. Call Us Toll Free: Recommended Accessories 22in x 15in x 9in 8. Pelican i iPhone Case Black. Our wireless are either crystal controlled single frequency wireless or frequency agile phase locked loop multiple frequency capable wireless designed to operate within a specific frequency spectrum.


Offering 10 selectable channels and True Diversity UHF wireless technology, the Series features automatic frequency scanning. Thank you for your inquiry. Depending on your RF environment, you may be able to use multiple Series entire systems simultaneously. Gaffer Gloves – Pair.

This item is no longer available. Operating in the MHz frequency band with 10 selectable frequencies and True Diversity UHF wireless technology, the Series features automatic frequency scanning.

Audio-Technica ATWA Wireless Handheld Microphone System – D Frequency Band

At the touch tecchnica a button, this function automatically determines and sets the best available frequency. There are separate input level controls for a microphone and for an instrument due the impedance differences between the two.

Javascript Disabled Javascript is currently disabled or unsupported in your browser. The quality of this microphone is great, it is balanced and dynamic for vocals and for spoken words, The sensitivity of the mic is perfect for all uses, I use it as an area mic, or solo’s. My clients love the sound quality, reliability, and styling. The sound is awesome and clear as a bell. Stage 4 audo complete but the auction itself is far from complete.


There is no “re-crystal” option for this A-T wireless system. Add Accessories for your ATW Ajdio element covers, windscreens and clothing clip. It also has amazing tone for vocal performance.

Four-pin Locking Connector Pin 1: It offers all the advantages of a high-quality, professional wireless system at an extremely affordable price.

2000 Series

Includes windscreens and clothing clip. Wish List Track Order. Select a Wireless Essentials microphone or cable to complete the system.

Our crystal controlled wireless could be frequency changed within the band they were designed to operate in, but it is not possible to change either crystal controlled or frequency agile wireless out of the spectrum band they were designed to operate within.

Please enable Javascript to implement all features of our website or call to place an order. Barney Wisconsin We bought 4 of these for our gospel group in December and by far, the best money we have ever spent! Includes element covers, windscreens and clothing clip. Delvcam Swivel Mount Adapter. The Series was available in two different frequency bands and one of them, the D Band does operate in the mid MHz range which is included in the recently auctioned off spectrum. It is simple and easy to use anywhere.