September 8, 2019


Nexia. Nexia Product List, Fixed Audio DSP · Nexia CS · Nexia PM · Nexia SP. The goal of this guide is to help you become acquainted with any (or all!) of our Nexia line of DSP products. This will include connecting to the device, accessing . Software. Audia Software V (January 3, ) · Nexia Software V (February 15, ) · daVinci Software V (February 15, ).

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Devio is a versatile AV solution for productive meetings. Time is on our side, and we’re on yours. Our technical support team has your back.

In an emergency, reliable voice evacuation technology saves lives. Whenever you need help with nsxia, design reviews, or answers to “what if” questions, our support team is here to assist. Looking for additional opportunities to enhance your AV industry knowledge?

However, if something does go wrong, our support team is here to help. We offer service and repairs on any Biamp product manufactured in the last 10 years.

At Biamp, we believe in the power of knowledge. Contact us 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world, to nexka with a member of our support team.

NEXIA CS, biamp systems, Digital Signal, Processor | | Sound Productions

Devio is a versatile AV solution for productive meetings. If muting is done after the AEC input i. Although an open architecture DSP like AudiaFlex can help overcome some bbiamp, the best designed and performing systems take all of these elements into consideration.


Lower the volume of the amplifier.

Our products give you the flexibility and power to design systems that clearly convey central and local paging, messaging, background music, and more. Each port can accept multiple remote controls connected in a 5-wire daisy-chain.

Microphone and Speaker Placement Placing the mic as close as possible to the person speaking will improve your system’s performance. Signals that you do not want to transmit back to the far end are routed to the AEC reference, these will be items such as: The shortest paths are the loudest if all surface materials are equally reflective and most prominent.

AV systems in houses of worship must address broad sets of requirements in order for worship leaders to communicate their message and keep their congregations engaged. Biamp offers flexible, powerful solutions for installations large and small. No matter what the size, budget, or networking protocol, we’ll help you find a solution. Our Applications Engineering team has created a series of helpful and informative how-to videos that provide guidance on various aspects of our products.

Getting Started with Nexia

Connecting to an Audia or Nexia Once you are on the same subnet, take a moment to watch the following videos. A positive value can indicate the mic input gain is too low or the speakers are too loud.


Our remote control for Audia and Nexia flush-mounts to any wall. All things Biamp at your fingertips. Whenever you need help with troubleshooting, design reviews, or answers to “what if” questions, our support team is here to assist. Check out news and press releases here.

Remember me on this computer. Biamp products offer scalable, flexible options designed to suit nexja smaller spaces. We offer a supportive workplace that encourages collaboration and inspires growth, while maintaining a positive work-life balance. Our products are designed to facilitate clear communication in government conference rooms and courtrooms.

Biamp products are designed to last, and are intended to be repaired, rather than replaced, if something goes wrong. The AEC reference is the signal that needs to be removed to prevent echo. Connecting to an Audia or Nexia. Trust Vocia as part of your emergency communications system. No matter the size or scope of your installation, Biamp has products for every project.

Count on us for products and people that are up to the challenge. Welcome Please login above. At Biamp, we believe in the power of knowledge. That’s why we’ve created a diverse product portfolio.