February 12, 2019


Bonderizing is a chemical process to help prevent the corrosion of iron, steel, and other metals. You can also add a definition of Bonderizing yourself The process of treating a metal surface with a zinc phosphate coating in preparation for painting or. Bonderizing Process. Lubricating film for cold forging of aluminum-based metal. Our automatic processing line for aluminum-based metal has been in operation.

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It remains to be seen if these, or other new chemical conversion coatings, will ultimately replace traditional phosphating and Parkerizing.

Patentin Additional products on which Bonderizing is pro- viding protection from rust are: The equipment is assembled in a steel housing with reservoirs below, where solutions are accumulated, ready for circulation.

Bonderized Steel Supplier

The Bonderite coating is an insulator and conse- quently stops the flow of small electrical currem that the alkali does not migrate to the electro positive areas, and does not become sufficient!

Bonderized steel, also referred to as paint grip steel, is galvanized steel that has been put through a phosphate bath and a chromate dry. The Parker technical stall not onlj recommends the type of installation best Mined to the manufacturer’s requirements, mil designs and suppl.

This room will accommodate large units, such as refrigerator cabinets, automobile fenders, as vvell as scores of smaller items at one time. Parker acquired the rights to Coslett’s and Richards’ U.

Finishes on steel sash must successfully resist both outdoor exposure and humidity. Locations Served California – South.

After nearly ten years’ experience with the effects of Bonderizing, the dealer sells the Bonderized car with the assurance that, barring acci- dent, the owner will not be subjected to untimely finish reconditioning expense. It is also used extensively on automobiles to protect unfinished metal parts from corrosion.

Rinsing is included, after cleaning; also after the processing operation — after cleaning to make sure that no foreign matter is carried into the Bon- derizing section, and, after processing, to remove any traces of processing solution prior to the chromic acid rinse and drying.

We also offer galvannealed steelan alternative to bonderized steel, which is a carbon steel coated with zinc on both sides by the continuous hot-dip process. Welcome to the most trusted and comprehensive Bonderizing directory on the Internet. It was to overcome the first two of these difficulties of finish maintenance that Bonderizing was de- veloped.

The majority of these newer conversion coatings are fluorozirconium-based. This not only informs the prospective user of Parker Processes, of their merits, but it also informs industrial buyers who purchase fabricated parts for their own output and who require rust-proof fin- ishes on the equipment they purchase.

Parkerizing – Wikipedia

Fin- ish on degreased sample be- gan to show effect of test at about 70 hours. Proocess up to date on industry news and trends, product announcements and the latest innovations. Since its introduction inBonderizing has found its way into the finishing systems of hundreds of the largest manufac- turing plants in the world, where the products require the greatest measure of protection and finish beauty. The Bonderizing tank should be insulated to con- serve heat and fitted with heating units of sufficient size to maintain the solution at degrees F.


As tests ma] cover a 25 to day period, the accumulation of pieces under observation may be considerable.

Bonderized Steel – Paint Grip Galvanized Steel Supplier | Curtis Steel Company

The non-Bonder- ized piece at bondreizing indi- cated very bad blistering at the end of hours. In other words, the process entails bondetizing chemi- cal reaction between the metal and the Bonderizing chemicals, whereby the surface is changed into a composition that is insoluble in water and hence highly resistant to the effects of moisture.

The section at the top was not Bonderized be- fore finishing and dem- onstrates the develop- ment and creepage of alkali under the enamel, as described on page six.

Others make a considerable point of it in their publi- cation advertising. Parkerizing is also a chemical conversion process, whereby the surfaces of iron or steel are changed bonderiizing an insoluble phosphate coating that is highly resistant to corrosion when com- bined with stain, oil and wax finishes.

They have had experience with practically every type of product and, should new problems arise, or a new application develop, they can intelligently outline proper procedure.

Used this way, Parkerizing is thus becoming a protective and decorative finishing technique that is used over other underlying improved techniques of metal protection. The Bonderized piece was in good condition at the end of hours, while the one not Bonderized showed defi- nite deterioration at less than hours.

Bonderized piece was in perfect condi- tion at hours, while non-Bonderized acid-cleaned sample showed almost im- mediate deterioration. The illustrations at the left show how primer painted sections reacted to acceler- ated humidity and salt spray tests.

The result obtained by Bonderizing is a chemical conversion of the metallic surface to a non-metallic Photomicrograph of a piece of plain, polished sheet steel. Bon- derizing under the finish overcomes this difficulty. Besides vanadate coatings, arsenate coatings may theoretically provide similar protection, at the risk of being a health hazard to humans and animals. The Bonderizing Chemical is the result of exhaustive research in our own laboratories and practical application to actual production, and contains every element necessary to making a highly efficient rust-proofing solution.

The Bonderized panel remained in good condition for nearly hours, while the finish on the non-Bonderized piece was completely destroyed in a trifle over hours.


M an ufact urers of architectural products will find this a strong selling point. Bonderizing is a modern development, designed to keep step with fast moving industries.


For more than a generation they have been educated in the extra service that may be expected of the Parker-protected product. Bonderizing provides resistance to both of these hazards through greatly improved ad- hesion of the paint and by protecting the metal from the moisture that may pene- trate the paint film. While cleaning is not a part of the Spra-Bonderiz- ing Process, yet, like all bonerizing metal-finishing pro- cesses, a clean surface is bonderizinb for satisfactory results and cleaning is included in the set-up as one of the normal operations in a completely mechanized line.

Quite frequently installations are of such s. Request Info Compare Suppliers. As a result, in recent years, new, emerging technology alternatives to traditional phosphate coatings have started to see limited use, for replacing all phosphating coatings, including Parkerizing.

Manganese and iron phosphating coatings are usually the thickest electrochemical conversion coatings, being thicker than electrochemical conversion coatings such as zinc phosphating and bluing. Thomas Industry Update Stay up to date on industry news and trends, product announcements and the latest innovations. With this continuous sales and ad- vertising effort, widespread knowledge of the value of Parker Processes is be- ing indelibly impressed upon the minds of everyone who uses iron or steel and is creating a preference for this type of rust-proofing, which be- comes more and more valuable to all manufacturers who are using Bonder- izing in their finishing operations.

Its purpose is to provide a rust inhibiting paint base that can be produced quickly and easily, and at the same time assure more positive adhesion and durability of applied finishes on iron, steel or zinc surfaces. Seattle, Wash Soule Steel Co. Ferrous metal processing time remains the same, according to the type of production being treated, but in the case of zinc surfaces the processing time for all types of installations is from one to five minutes, varying with the type of production treated.

With this knowledge of what actually takes place under the paint film when applied to steel, obviously something besides efficient cleaning and high-quality paint is necessary to fix the coating and prevent premature failure. United States, but are available through a world-wide important industrial country where iron and steel are to provide equipment for rust-proofing installations, lutions or furnish a jobbing rust-proofing service for ment of his own.

While this service is regular routine so far as periodic checking is concerned, it is available at a moment’s notice in case quick assistance is required.

This work is handled by practical finishing experts and trained technicians.