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APC Power-Saving Back-UPS PRO – BRGI – Uninterruptible Power Supply VA . Click to open expanded view. RELATED VIDEOS; ° VIEW; IMAGES. Power-saving outlets Disconnected battery notification Boost and trim Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) LCD graphics display. APC BRGI Back-UPS Pro VA – Tower – Available at Comms Express, Networking Reseller of Cables, Racks, Cabinets & More – Free Delivery Available .

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Hot Swap Batteries You can change the battery without powering down your equipment. Text and mimic diagrams that display modes of operation, system parameters and alarms. Battery failure notification Provides early-warning fault analysis on batteries enabling timely preventive maintenance Power-saving outlets Automatically cuts power bd550gi idle equipment to conserve br550gk. You can plug 8 power cords including 3 transformers at the same time. There is no need to send the unit to a factory service center.

Easy Overload Recovery Push-button circuit breaker instead of a standard fuse, eliminates the need to return the unit to the factory for service. Please be patient while the images are loading Battery-protected and surge-only outlets Reserves power capacity and run time bt550gi connected equipment that require battery back-up while providing surge only protection for less critical equipment Cold-start capable Provides temporary battery power when the utility power is out.


Adjust the voltage points widen or tighten the range where your UPS transfers to battery to maximize useful battery life and protect sensitive electronics. Protect equipment with input transformer blocks without blocking access to other receptacles.


Ethernet protection Shields hardware from damage Addl Surge Protected Outlets Surge Only outlets offer protection for non-data sensitive equipment like scanners and printers without reducing the unit’s available power or battery capacity. Surge Protection and Filtering.

In case you have equipment that has to stay on all the time, such as fax machine, you can plug it in always on outlets. LCD graphics display Text and mimic diagrams that display modes of operation, system parameters and alarms.

Back up and protect your hardware and data during power outages, surges and spikes. Warranty – 2 years Manufactorer L imited Warranty.

BRGI – APC Power-Saving Back-UPS Pro | Schneider Electric

Easy recovery from overloads; no need to replace a br550go. Please enter the information below to send this to your friend or colleague. Service Pack 3 Year Warranty Extension for new product purchases Get an extension of factory warranty coverage beyond the original factory warranty term for peace of mind and protection from failure. Adjustable voltage sensitivity Provides the ability to adapt the UPS for optimal performance in specific power environments or generator applications.

This provides temporary emergency battery power when the utility power is br550gi.

Stepped approximation to a sinewave Output Connections: Unattended shutdown This ensures that files are saved and the Operating System is properly shutdown in the event of a sustained power outage.

Service Pack 3 Year Warranty Extension for new product purchases.

APC Power-Saving Back-UPS Pro 550

The equipment will be protected and will have power supply bd550gi when the unit is switched off. Battery replacement without tools Allows quick, easy battery replacement. Increases availability by allowing a trained user to perform upgrades and replacements of the batteries reducing Mean Time to Repair MTTR. Provides early-warning fault analysis on batteries enabling timely preventive maintenance.


This helps to maximize battery power for equipment that needs it most like a computer and monitor. Boost and Trim Automatic Voltage Regulation AVR Gives higher application availability by correcting low and high voltage conditions without using the battery.

Provides key UPS status at a glance.

Features High frequency design Reduces or eliminates bulky transformers resulting in lighter units for ease of handling. Dataline Surge Protection Provides protection of connected equipment from power surges on the data lines. Always on Outlets 8 outlet models offer dedicated space to accommodate wide transformer blocks without covering adjoining outlets and 2 always on outlets.

Battery Type-Maintenance-free sealed Lead-Acid battery with suspended electrolyte: Automatic Voltage Regulation AVR Automatically steps up low voltage and steps down high voltage to levels that are suitable for your equipment.

Site wiring fault indicator Immediately warns you of wiring problems bf550gi improper grounds that could cause shocks or prevent the UPS from adequately suppressing surges. Toggle between pre-determined voltage-transfer points depending on your power quality high, medium or low sensitivitymaximizing useful battery life and protecting sensitive electronics.

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