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BTG – General about this document This document is a complement to the ordinary MBT User manual (M) and Service. MPS & PPS Manual / Pneumatic Pulp Sampling Valves. MCS . BTG’s MEK is undisputedly the best known, best reputed consist-. Item 1 – 8 Manual loading of probe signal settings. . Based on BTG’s patented Peak Method (see section ) of optical anal- ysis, the TCT MEK

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For Feedback adjustment select Configure. Calibrate the transmitter against the consistency transmitter.

User manual of JCT in English_百度文库

General restrictions when not using water flushing of the mechanical seal II There is no need to install the deflector rails if there are no solid particles in the pulp that can damage the transmitter. The length of the measuring chamber should be kept as short as possible, approximately mm 7 in. Consistency should be normal. Do not attempt to bypass the sealing components since the unit will then no longer be sprayproof and thus the enclosure rating will be compromised.

BTG Model MEK 2300 Consistency Transmitter

Documentation can also be done manually. This pressure difference should be min.

The result is then viewed in the Trend display. Automatic feedback adjustment Auto 2. In this case, the true feedback value meek be read manually at entered at CalibrateSpecial func.


The main pipe dimension is different. Always avoid loops of wires inside the box and use shortest possible wires. The program is menu based with direct display of the current menu. Alternatively you can proconst. Company Profile Email Us. This allows the operator to make some basic adjustments without using the handheld terminal SPC If installed outdoors the roof will also protect the unit from 2030 sunlight and rain.

If feedback is very low, close to the value for water, the sensing element should be replaced by a larger one. Enter or kpmm as required. A roof should be fitted over the box to protect it from being sprayed by water or pulp.

See Service manual SM It can be further refined by an updated calibration see section 3. The pulp flow must be turned on and must pass the transmitter in the pipe.

Make allowance for the need to open the junction box and connecting the hand-held terminal, removing the transmitter from its mounting assembly, as well as allowing sufficient working space to do this. Close the dilution water so that the consistency rises to the maximum permissible limit.

These readings can be entered as step F below. This is accessible on the ntg box terminal block. BTG shall have no liability for any error or damages of any kind resulting from the use of this document. Observe me the holes for the transmitter retaining screw should be aligned to the vertical line Fig Enter the raw signal as per the following table.: The function flashes, normally when reading should be carried out but it may also flash under other circumstances.

  NBR 14276 EM PDF

The transmitter is tested as a complete system to conform with the relevant CE directives and standards. Trend Configure Damp Damp 1s1s Tag.

P BTG Model MEK Consistency Transmitter – Peak Machinery

When dimensioning the valve mel correction factor must be included to correct when a reduction from a larger supply pipe to the smaller valve is made. Enter a suitable time constant.

An internal standard 9 V DC battery is located behind a cover on the back of the terminal. Ld Downstream the transmitter Ld: Make sure that the dilution water pressure is stable and that the water is injected at high velocity into the pump suction. Document the calibration either manually or by making a printout refer to section 3. Tighten nut fully for maximum contact for the shield.

MBT-2300 consistency transmitter – B T G density measures MBT-2300

The junction box cover is secured by two screws. Step down to accurate constant with Edit row 1and give ac- tual input. Calculate the mean value.