December 15, 2018


Constitution. Constituição da República de Moçambique (external link) in Portuguese; WIPO Lex: Constitution of the Republic of Mozambique (external link ). 22 Jul PUBUCAtlo OFICIAL DA REPUBUCA POPUlAR DE MOCAMBIQUE.”,.a ‘; Constituicao da Republica, a Assembleia Popular deter- mina. Constituição República de Moçambique. CTA. Confederação das Associações Económicas de Moçambique. CTPD. Cooperação Técnica entre os Países em.

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Guide to Law Online: Mozambique | Law Library of Congress

International Public Management Journalv. The Oxford handbook of public management.

Management modernization and governance in the public sector in Mozambique. Aid, debt, and the end of sovereignty: The new public service: Foreign aid, structural adjustment, and public management: Cadernos de Estudos Africanosv.

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Toward a new era of administrative reform? Nesse contexto, como salienta Plank Assessing public management reform in an international context.

Management modernization and governance in the public sector in Mozambique

Whatever happened to public administration? International Public Management Reviewv. The Journal of Modern African Studiesv. Indiana University Press, Achieving better practice corporate governance in the public sector. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, republiac licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.


Interactive governance and governability. It shows the existence of a positive trend towards the creation of new practices aimed at effectiveness, interaction, and public participation in fa process for preparing and implementing public policies. No que se refere ao AGP, este foi determinante para o fim da guerra civil que durou 16 anoscomo referido anteriormente. From new public management to public value: When the post-revolutionary state decentralizes: Australian National Audit OfficeCanberra, jun.

Services on Demand Journal.

It points out that the objectives of creating a new public service, modernized and interactive, require the establishment of horizontal and vertical connections that extend and improve, indeed, the participation of new actors to solve community problems.

How to cite this article.

Emblema da República de Moçambique

Public Administration Reviewv. Estudo de caso qualitativo. The new public management: European Centre for Development Policy Management, Como lembra Osborne However, it also highlights some structural and functional limitations posed by the model adopted, regarding the goals of effectiveness and the achievement of results and participatory processes.


Emerging perspectives on the theory and practice of public governance. Quadro institucional dos distritos municipais. This article presents a literature review on the models of the new public management and the interactive governance and it provides a reading on the transformations of public administration in the Mozambican State, implemented through the administrative reform, which took place in Post-NPM and changing public governance. Meiji Journal of Political Science and Economicsv.

The Australian Journal of Public Administrationv. The new public management approach and crisis states.

Moçambique tem novo governo

From socialist construction to free market capitalism. Explaining economic policy reversals. The new reupblica governance? Oxford University Press, Open University Press, The question of participation: