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What is the canon for the creation of Anauroch? According to Netheril: Empire of Magic boxed set (TSR , published in ), what is. Anauroch (Ah-nor-ach) is a barren wasteland that has grown to split the north of Faerûn into eastern and western halves. Also known as the Great Desert or the. Anauroch, The Empire of Shade (D&D module).jpg undo the Weave and replace it with the Shadow Weave, causing the Great Desert of Anauroch to change.

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However, my guess is he hasn’t answered prayers to At’ar in this period – after all, At’ar is merely a nonsense made up from encountered artifacts by the Bedine after their post-Netheril arrival – At’ar never answered prayers. Fortunately for the Netherese, the effects of the magic drain spell were visible. D&v Read Edit View history.

Awhile back, I had a really ‘out there’ pretty much zero canon to base it off of theory that the Baklunish and Suloise were actual ‘reflections’ of the Imaskari and Netherese. Retrieved from ” https: Since fighting the combined armies of most of EvereskaEvermeetthe Heartlandsthe Chosen of Mystra and the Shadovar – all at once – the remaining phaerimm are now scattered beneath the surface. It remains to be seen whether the soldiers and wizards of the city of Shade will take note of this activity and move to stop it Luckily for them, in the years leading up to the spellplague all 3 had become new Thayan trade enclave sites and they had portals that remained intact despite the transfer to Balduran Bay Enclave aka Fort Flame’s Thayan trade enclave.


The Bedine, human nomads who survive by raiding and leading caravans through the hidden passes anaurocn their homes on the surface of the wastes. Mapolq Senior Scribe Brazil Posts.

When Thultanthar returned and the Phaerimm were driven away, the shadovar turned it back to its previous verdant state over about years.

Was anaurich any mention of how the Bedine bedouins are doing in the 5th edition timeline? As I said earlier, take the whole Rhymanthiin, the City of Hope stuff and run with it. Rivers now flow from the melting glaciers, rain falls, temperatures are moderate, and in some places vegetation is particularly lush.

Candlekeep Forum – 5th Edition Anauroch: desert is back or not?

Slight rez, because just came across this in the Companions which got me thinking: Netherese weather engineering “should” have created large enough lakes, like the Shadow Sea and the Nether Sea, that it would moderate temperature and humidity somewhat in their vicinity. These dark, obelisk-like rocky spires separate the Shoal of Thirst from the stony waste known, as At’ar’s Looking Glass. If the four deities that I spoke of in the other thread worked together to separate out Amaunator, but then Moander figure he’d start corrupting them too It is a city that landed near the High Ice and was eventually abandoned.

The Bedine roam from oasis to oasis, rarely staying long in any one place.

Anauroch (1372)

Originally posted by Markustay In canon, only the lower southern desert was supposed to be ‘hot’, but even that was a stretch. Dark Sun Dark Sun: Page 82 includes various news and rumors of Anauroch.

Then there’s the thing where the whole snake infested Mhair jungles also went to Abeir. This causes the destruction of both cities. The Bedine nomads are simplistic in nature who survive by raiding and guiding caravans through the hidden passes, making their home on the surface of the wastes, traveling from oasis to oasis.


Anauroch | Othya Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Plants cannot grow within a lifedrain field – and desert-like conditions soon occur. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I do still think it would make the rapid reversal a little easier to swallow.

Also known as the Great Desert or the Great Sand Sea, Anauroch swallowed the ancient empire of Netheril more than fifteen centuries past, then devoured the shining kingdoms annauroch rose in its anaruoch. A lifedrain spell destroys water within its area of effect – and prevents water from existing in the area of effect: Suspicious of magic at the best of times [4]they are now having to deal with a vastly superior magical force altering their environment around them.

The Zhentarimalways eager to make a profit, have fought long and hard to secure routes for their caravans through the desert. But the PCs have time.

anaurovh His gaze goes back to focus on where his unfaithful once stood, and finds that some returned Netherese, no less have undone his work. That is the meaning of true knowledge. Edited by – Markustay on 05 Mar You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

They had the flying ships already – its a perfect fit. The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: