November 19, 2018


The Wing-T Offense has been made famous by University of Delaware Coach Harold “Tubby” Raymond, and is a popular misdirection offense that can be hard . University of DelawareWing-T Playbook I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. Alignment & Formations 10 Series 20 Series 30 Series 40 Series 50 Ser. Related titles. Pistol Wing T for Youth Football. Spread Wing t. delaware wing t by coach thurman. wing-t and the 3-step 5-step passing game and sally. Wing T.

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The “New” Wing-T Revolution

They are still sometimes used in goal-line situations. The cornerbacks and safeties in a prevent defense usually make a point of defending the goal line at the expense of receivers in the middle of the field.

The other players that are not on the line of scrimmage can either act as tight ends or wide receivers. Are you already using midline as part of your scheme? This formation is often referred to as a “two tight end” set. Using this new defense, the Giants defeated the Browns twice in during the regular season. Retrieved June 26, The formation was used extensively by Fielding Yost ‘s Michigan Wolverines in their early history, and was the base formation for the Benny Friedman led New York Giants in Perhaps the most well-known of Markham’s converts is Hugh Wyattwho brought more Wing-T to the offense and a greater ability to market the offense.

The modern descendant of the Single Wing. The formation differs in two significant ways from the single wing. Some teams like the Indianapolis Colts under Tony Dungy use this formation with both tight ends on the line and use two flankers. Entertainment and Football Definition”. I find it really interesting looking back at this page.


The formation can also be combined with other formations that feature a single running back and a quarterback in the backfield. The better he is, the more you do with him! The ball is snapped to the runner, who usually has the option of either running the ball himself or handing it to another running back lined up in the backfield.

WingT Football |

It consists of two backs lined up behind the quarterback, with the back closest to the quarterback being called the fullback and the back behind the fullback called the running backtailbackor I-back. Half dollar defenses are almost always run from a 3—0—8 formation.

delawarr Like many coaches when wig first see it on paper delawqre think it cannot work until they see it on film. In the empty backfield formation, all of the backs play near the line of scrimmage to act as extra wide receivers or tight ends. July Learn how and when to remove this template message.

We are in our first year running the wing and we love it! Retrieved from ” https: The ” kneel ” or “victory” formation was developed in the NFL season after The Miracle at the Meadowlandsa botched final play in a game between the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles that resulted in a fumble and a pivotal last-second score. Best all-around back block, catch and run! Coach Perry mentioned that for many years members of the Delaware staff would travel to Georgia for high school Wing-T summer camps.

To Return to Bucksweep.

There are no rules regarding the formation of playgook players or their movement before the snap of the ball, so the deployment and tactics of defensive players are bound only by the imagination of the play designer and the line of scrimmage.


To defend punts, the defensive line usually uses a man-on-man system with seven defensive linemen, two cornerbacks, a linebacker and a kick returner.

Learn the ABC’s of the Wing-T

A modern example of the “pro-set” can be seen in the Florida State University offense, which favors a Split Backs formation. When legendary coach George Halas’ Chicago Bears used the T-formation to defeat the Washington Redskins by a score of 73—0 in the NFL championship game, it marked the end of the single wing at nearly all levels of play, as teams, over the course of the s, moved to formations with playobok quarterback “under center” like the T.

It is often used as a pass formation, because of the extra wide receivers. Certain college programs, such as the University of Playboo, and Texas Tech still use it as their primary formation. Instead of having four linemen and six linebackers as the name may suggestit is actually a 4—4 set using 4—3 personnel.

It has become a very popular offense with high schools and small colleges. MHcoach on March 31, The Wing T is a precise orchestration. A special offensive formation is used at the end of a game, pkaybook a team has a lead and simply needs to run out the clock to win the game. Probably a better play run with “end over.