January 19, 2019


Abstract. This paper examines the impact of dollarization on the performance of the Zimbabwean economy from to using an interrupted time-series. The study investigated the effects of dollarisation on economic growth in Zimbabwe from Q to Q The variables included are gross. Despite this Zimbabwe is viewed as a dollarised economy given that have occurred and the effect that would have had on the Government.

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It is necessary to ask if the model of dollarization has contributed o growth, ln that poverty is reduced and that less imbalances exist in the distribution of wealth. For Developmental practioners like us, the political dimension does not stop there. What Do We Really Know? The last rate was the official pegged rate, which was unavailable to the public businesses and individuals.

Other drawbacks to dollarization became apparent during its implementation: And it is necessary to ask if the foundations are being laid so that dollarization is sustainable in the medium and long term. Any reverse of this situation and reintroduction of the Zimbabwean dollar would require that confidence in the Reserve Bank to perform its functions be restored. The dollar has been a stability factor. Due to the severity of the crisis, Zimbabwe has no comparable statistical neighbour but it is clear that its growth is still lagging in comparison to other countries in the region.


At independence in the Zimbabwe dollar replaced the Rhodesian dollar at par at a rate which was higher than the American dollar. This restrictive policy, which effectx over and above what is prudent and beyond fiscal discipline — which is needed but never at such extreme levels — has meant the destruction of the productive apparatus of Zim.

Corrections All material on this site has been provided by the respective publishers and authors. Risk Governance and Control: Gradually businesses had lost lines of credit to recapitalise, and there was also limited access to foreign currency to procure required resources. A hands-off approach dillarisation currency management has served Zimbabwe ddollarisation sincebut a number of risks are beginning to emerge as the economy has slowly regenerated itself and the need for large capital injections has increased.


It will probably take many years before the effects of dollarization in Zimbabwe can be fully catalogued and understood, but so far the results have been clearly mixed.

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In the first paragraph. This study examined the effects of dollarization on business in Zimbabwe focusing on economic indicators such as inflation rate, GDP, employment and ease of doing business during the period This has also allowed the banks to resume interbank lending.

Dollarization has been, then, an economic phenomenon that has had enormous political meaning. What Do we Really Know? In order to visualize the relation that dollarization has had on political policy, a small exercise of imagination is required.

The monetary scheme succeeded in that the spending power of Zimbabweans is maintained and is going towards the purchase of goods and services, many of which are imported. Next Post Mugabe attacks state media over Gono blackout. The hyperinflation was fuelled by the lack of meaningful production: The industries and the businesses also adopted this measurement as protection.

Dr Ngwenya, on the other hand, maintains that the presence of wealth from exports in the economy is generated by high prices of petroleum and the remittances of emigrants. The Zimbabwean Government maintained that the troops were in the region to promote peace.


General contact details of provider: The stability of the US dollar has allowed people to save which can only help the economy if these savings are loaned out to businesses to invest.

The fact that the ni has no meaningful lines of credit or reserves means that the RBZ is unable to act as lender of last resort and companies have difficulties refinancing. Mugabe attacks state media over Gono blackout. It cannot be argued that prima facie, dollarisation has brought about stability to an economy in which inflation dollarixation had spiralled beyond sustainability.

For example, the Bata company which manufactures footwear, set margins of profit of 50 percent, because they feared to lose their investments due to constant devaluations. The art of the good immediate economic handling is to be pending of the zlmbabwe and most remote evils, to try dollaristaion be aware of what can happen in the immediate future immediate.


But, as of that date a decreasing tendency is registered so that by 31 of December of the the rate was set at percentages lower. It was the time in which it was difficult to plan. The retailers and companies of Zim went ahead with dollarization. Despite the crises faced by the US and the effrcts of the US dollar, the currency is still widely accepted and used the world over and has thus survived the crises its economy has failed to survive.

If CitEc izmbabwe a reference but did not link an item in RePEc to it, you can help with effecfs form. Since the introduction of the dollar inflation has remained in single digit figures, and was even negative at the beginning of On the other hand, there is also a downside to dollarization. Your password will be sent to this address.

Moreover, Zimbabwe is at a competitive disadvantage to its trading partners in that, unlike neighbouring countries such as Zambia or South Africa, it cannot make its goods cheaper in the worldwide market by devaluing its currency.

Objects found in new MH search zone. In Zim the dollarization process also has meant a certain change in the behavior of the political class regarding the topic of the budget. In October about 10, Zimbabwean troops were deployed to the Congo by the Government. However, months later, in March ofthe then acting Finance Minister, Patrick Chinamasa announced that the Zimbabwe dollar would be suspended indefinitely.

Nov 6, We see that dollarising was a necessary step to avoid what had turned into a disaster of catastrophic proportions from spiralling into what would have been, and in fact already was, unsustainable levels. We cannot successfully circumscribe the analysis only to indicators like inflation and economic growth.