November 30, 2018


PDFWatermark enables you to add an image as a watermark to new PDF files or existing PDF files. It uses FPDF that allows you to write PDF files and FPDI that. 5 Aug (mPDF >= ). SetWatermarkText – Set the text to use as a Watermark from v3. 0 onwards e.g. $mpdf->SetWatermarkText(); can be used. 23 Jan It’s described as “Import pages from existing PDF documents and use them as templates in FPDF” Whilst this does not give the ability to edit a.

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Information on controlling the watermark options from a custom application is available in ” watermark options ” in the developer information section. In this example, our watermark for the PDF will be the following note that this is not the original size of the image, the original size is the same as the size of the impression x If the watermark or background file has a different page size, it will be scaled and centered on the page of the newly created PDF file.

I found the fpdf library that creates preview thumbnails of PDF files, but I don’t know if it adds watermarks to existing PDF files or not. Yasir 1, 10 27 The existing watermark or background PDF file can contain any text or graphics, but it most often used to apply a “confidential” or “draft” stamp on each page of a document.

October 4th 5. Here is a YouTube video that shows how to set the security options:. Become a more social person.


How to add a watermark on a PDF using TCPDF | Our Code World

How can I change the code to support more input pages? Thanks Jyelton for the answer to my question looks like stackover flow is inactive Here is a YouTube video that shows how to set the eatermark options: Before continue, please provide some basic information about why this article should be reported:. Advertise with Our Code World. Pretty awesome and easy right?

I have searched on Google for it, but couldn’t find any suitable library. This can be done by simply creating a new class wherever you want and with the name you want as long as you can use it later where you want that extends the TCPDF class. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Looking for a new template for your next project?

Use the overrided class instead of the original to create your PDF instance: JYelton 25k 20 Theoretically, you can simply copy the datermark example and change the path to the image that will be used as watermark, however you may want to change the margins and coordinates where the image will be rendered: Its a dead link.

By doing this, you will need to store some original values of the PDF in order to restore them after you draw the image using the Image method. So working with this approach is recommendable only if your “watermark” plays as background of the exksting PDF e.

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Full example In this example, our watermark for the PDF will be the following note that this is not the original size of the image, the original size is the same as watermsrk size of the impression x If you would like to change the file, click the “Change Our Code World works better with Javascript.

Example 051 : image as a page background

Nathan 1 4. And that’s it, now the image defined in the MyCustomPDFWithWatermark method should be rendered behind your content without any visual obstruction.

And our code to generate the PDF is the following: Don’t forget to follow us on your favorite social network Enjoying this article? When the watermark or background options are enabled, a text box containing the name of the current watermark or background PDF file is shown below the options. Only does page 1. Fortunately, with the help of the original examples of TCPDF, it’s possible to render a background image on any page of your PDF that can simulate a watermark.

Some sample watermark and background PDF files and the corresponding Word documents are available on the download section of the support web site at:.