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The Gaean Reach – Quandos Vorn Must Die! DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files! The Largest RPG. When I first heard about a Gaean Reach RPG, I was really gung ho about being able to play in the setting of such stories as the Demon Princes. In The Gaean Reach, Robin Laws makes amends for this with a game . the creator of the Dying Earth RPG – and is designed to work best for.

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Essentially, Gumshoe solves the age old problem of roleplaying sessions stopping dead because of poor dice rolls by ensuring the core clues — those that allow advance from A to E via B, C and D — never get missed. The Gaean Reach Average Rating: You can acquire abilities no one has, improve those you already possess, or make a Desperate Bid to use a General ability you have zero in.

Thaery and The Gray Princewhere it is defined as follows: The asterisk footnotes especially! Are there any resources out there besides what Pelgrane offers?

Hedof stated that if the duo were indeed members of the society, they would be in his records, and he asked the PCs their names as he got those records out.

The Gaean Reach | RPG | RPGGeek

The characters then agree to join forces to rid the universe of Vorn. The human civilization in the Demon Princes is the Oikumenewhich can be seen as a precursor to or variant of the Gaean Reach.

Simple, efficient, easy on the eye and the printer, gets the job done. Black on white Vancian-flavoured text in a mixture of single and double columns, black line art and a red and black cover.

Learn More I supported because… “I’m hoping to rlg enough to rpy an honorary Bruce. The thing is, in The Gaean Reachtokens are pretty important: That is, more like The Professional than like Rambo: I would really like to see something similar included in future expansions and second editions of the Gumshoe system. Obstacle Costs make that harder to achieve at the start of an adventure, unless the player allots enough tokens to pay the Cost. Reviewed from a personal copy.


You are gawan using your WordPress. Granted, a player in this situation gets refunded the points she spent, but… is this satisfying? Here, Robin Laws has kept the system lean.

Gaean Reach

The non-firearms weapons especially are suggestive of the kinds of things a GM can throw in, with a lot of nasty gadgets feeling roughly like the space-adventure equivalent of Bond gadgets. This is mostly okay: The Rules of Reprisal 34 pages: One of the suggestions made by a few of us was that we try a Gumshoe system, and we both, specifically, suggested The Gaean Reach.

I may purchase that at some point, as my love for the Reach is undiminished. The Gaean Reach from Pelgrane Press. In any case, I think this game shows promise, especially for a GM who has a group interested in playing a loquacious, clever, snarky space-adventures, and especially if you dig revenge stories and interstellar shenanigans. Quandos Vorn, or some other despicable villain type, has done you a wrong and in return you plan to serve up a chilled plate of interstellar vengeance.

A GM might aspire to such things, but often the resolution system suggests a focus on a specific kind of activity, and the rules and published material heavily scaffold for that activity. If players succeed with a roll for a task that would be unsatisfactory for the narrative, you can put up a surprise barrier against success after the roll. Join other followers Recent Posts Kingmaker: That said, the writeups are pretty basic: Finally, your character needs a reason to want Quandos Vorn dead!

My experience with Gumshoe has been generally pretty good: The wry witticisms of the punchline system gives the players an interesting extra objective for the session — and some people in my gaming group will positively eat it up and chew up the gaming table in their delivery.

One of them was a man in the usual jumpsuit, but wearing a blue cape over it that rippled and danced in the non-existent breeze. Views Read Edit View history. What do you say? That last one turned out to be the most important ability, because weapons in TGR are instantly lethal — if you get hit, you die, unless you have the tokens to avoid that fate. I was, however, surprised at how many of the writeups are tiny, little more than a quippy sentence noting that someplace exists, or that this or that famous product usually a beer or ale, or a food or luxury item originates from that planet.


Thanks for posting this. Sorry that something went wrong, repeat again! Science fiction book series Fictional regions of space.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. In any case, the next section of the book gives a quick rundown, with examples, of how the rules work in this iteration of the Gumshoe system. Works by Jack Vance. The App – It’s Here!!! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

As simple as the Gumshoe character creation process is, sometimes I have found players really struggling to fathom how to scatter their points productively. No, I have no conclusions: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Or I suppose you could choose, but we went with random draws.

Gaean Reach – Wikipedia

Welcome to the Reach 2 pages: You get all essentials in a slim, attractive and easily portable volume, with some spiffy artwork. Some of these worlds are advanced and cosmopolitan, such as Alphanor; others, like Thamber, are inhabited by shipwrecked and forgotten people, who have reverted to feudalism.

The richness of the settings, the vast array of cultures and races, each with their own bewildering customs and traditions ensure that this is a setting unlike any other. First Blood or The A-Team.