November 20, 2018


Page 1. Sample of GST (page 1). Total Revenue. 12, HST Payable. Income Tax Credit (ITC). Note 2: For filing PST, please find the website of your province’s tax agency and The official names of the forms are either GST (Personalized) or GST payment (if applicable). Do not send us a paper copy of your return. GST E ( 11) v If you are not filing electronically, detach and return lower portion (Part 2).

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Filing a GST/HST Return with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) | Kashoo Help Center

You will then be prompted for the option to File and Pay or File Only. You can be penalized for failing to file online. Registrants using EDI to file for returns will not need an access code. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 1. There are a few important dates to be aware of: November 30 Payment deadline: Gst also receives money through tips. Fill in the Pay To as the Receiver General if you don’t have the Supplier set up, add it and the Terms or Payment Account according to whether or not you will be paying your remittance at the time of filing or not if paying at the time of filing, choose a Paid account, like yst34-2 bank account, otherwise choose an Unpaid Accounts Payable account, like Due on Receipt.

Help answer questions Learn more. Add Lines andgst342 put the total on Line B. Choose an accounting method. AK Abdul Khushk Mar 6, There are, however, a few exceptions. You put a dash followed by the amount by which gst are negative.


Note that these suppliers may still be required to charge and collect any applicable taxes on the sale of property. On the first gst of both there is a four-digit access code for electronic filing. Be sure to have your BN available.

If the payment is successful, but the CRA system unavailable, the payment will be made, but the status of the filing or remittance will be unknown. Additionally, the CRA will hold any refund or rebate you are entitled to until all outstanding gst342- are filed and amounts are paid.

Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. But as for reporting your net taxes collected, that would depend on where the gst3-42 is.

If my company is inactive for a year, does it need to file a GST return? Go to Represent a Clientif you act on behalf of a business either as an employee or a representative.


Cookies make wikiHow better. Consider tips as a gift, since there are no receipts issued indicating acceptance of any sum. You sell grandparented housing to a purchaser that cannot claim either of the following rebates: Information is outdated or wrong. This requirement holds even if you qualify as a small supplier. Receive an annual reporting period. Information is outdated or wrong.

If for some reason the bill payment system is unavailable at the time of the payment, the payment will not be allowed and you may enter the information at a later date. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 86, times. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. August 31 Filing deadline: And, if your payment is overdue, the agency will charge interest. You will not receive a reply. What to do if you run into problems All payments made provide a tracking number the same as our other online bill payments.


Obtain the appropriate forms. Did this article help you? Yes, file a nil return. If you would like more information, please refer to our privacy policy. The difference is, you guessed it, whether the form is personalized to your business or not. If you cancel a future-dated GST 34 payment, the filing information will still be sent to CRA even though the payment gat34-2 will be cancelled. You will be notified to contact your branch.

Transfer all the applicable figures from Part 1 to Part 2 of the actual return—then file. June 15 Gst deadline: Some goods sold in Canada are taxed at a rate of zero percent; these are called zero-rated supplies.

Tutorial – Business Tax Payments | BlueShore Financial

So in that case you DON’T collect tax from them. This will be transferred to Part 2. How do I enter a negative sales amount on line on GST? Thank you for your help! Our online services make it faster and easier to handle your company’s tax matters, such as: Again, this may not apply to all filers.

Kashoo does not do gst for you. Does she have to pay GST on her tips? Written by Amrik Randhawa Updated over a week ago.