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Guitar Player Repair Guide has ratings and 5 reviews. Dan Erlewine’s Guitar Player Repair Guide is, perhaps, the penultimate resources for folks wanting. Guitar Player Repair Guide 3rd Edition New in this 3rd edition, the content is organized for you based on your skill level: Basic if you’re not handy with tools. Guitar Player Repair Guide: How to Set Up, Maintain, and Repair Electrics and Acoustics. Front Cover. Dan Erlewine. Backbeat Books, – Music – pages .

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Dan Erlewine’s book for setups — why all the love and referrals? | The Gear Page

Maybe you bought the more in depth one, so check out the other. Juanna Oliva-holloway rated it liked it Jun 13, New features include set-up specs of leading players; stronger coverage of guitar electronics, including pickups and wiring diagrams; and expanded coverage of acoustics.

I totally agree with the OP on this book. It’s ok, not luthier instruction but that’s not the intention. I bought the book about 5 or 6 months ago, simply so I could learn how to properly set up my guitars. I am getting much more enjoyment from my instruments and have learned a lot in the interim.

Jim Greensmith rated it liked it Mar 29, I thought it was just me. So I found the material in the book very advanced and the DVD way too basic.


Guitar Player Repair Guide: How to Set Up, Maintain, and Repair Electrics and Acoustics

Also handy for the visual learner, included is a lovely, well produced DVD illustrating many of the concepts and techniques detailed in the book. Ivan Bicudo rated it it was amazing Jun 24, Grhino I don’t elewine why you should catch any flack on your review as it was honest and pretty much spot on.

I had bought that book about 4 years ago and it is indeed aimed at those llayer are already somewhat ad-versed in doing guitar repairs and I deffinetly would not recomend it for a total novice who never did a set up before. Dan Erlewine No preview available – Dan’s book is by far the best, in my opinion, but you gotta get the right one for your target.

References to this book Building Electric Guitars: Dan Erlewine has two books. It’s better organized and most of the info is filtered for that audience. Thus, I came across copious online commentary supporting Erlewine’s book about guitar setups and repairs. I couldn’t figure out what was the big stink about this book at all and so it sits collecting dust. BritishampfanFeb 16, guiitar I bought the book because fine tuning instruments isn’t ghitar I’m naturally good at; so I searched the ‘net for advice on a good book to read to help me with my guitar setups.


Glad to see others feel the same! Check out the other one and you will probably like it better.

Dan Erlewine’s book for setups — why all the love and referrals?

For instance, the first thing I did was to flip straight to the section on adjusting truss rods, because I had a guitar with a bad back bow. ShadowCanAmFeb 16, Martin Koch Snippet view – But I’m a moron when it comes to doing anything involving tools.

I even found the DVD it came with way too bland compared to the contents of the book. Sure, it’s a fine book that’s well written. They are so philosophical about why one technique is better that they even come across as elitist.

It’s almost like they took articles he wrote for magazines and tried to make a book out of it. Michael J Johnson rated it liked it Jul 15, James rated it really liked it Jul 04, Something every long term guitar owner should eventually own and study.

Feb 16, 4. PowderfingerFeb 16, No trivia or quizzes yet. The amount of information is unbelievable.