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Captured by a Russian army during World War II and convicted of being a ” Vatican spy,” Jesuit Father Walter J. Ciszek spent 23 agonizing years in Soviet. He Leadeth Me has ratings and reviews. booklady said: Rereading again for a class I’m giving our school’s teachers on this amazing man I ca. 7 quotes from He Leadeth Me: ‘Across that threshold I had been afraid to cross, things suddenly seemed so very simple. There was but a single vision, God.

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Stay in Touch Sign up. The next pages focus more on the ideas of the Church. Inhe signed a confession under severe torture. Learning to accept even the inhuman work of toiling in the infamous Siberian salt mines as a labor pleasing to God, he was able to turn adverse forces into a source of positive value and a means of drawing closer to the compassionate and never-forsaking Divine Spirit. This article needs additional citations for verification.

He Leadeth Me

It contains the Latin altar, sacred vessels, candle sticks, and crucifix Fr. Our dilemma at Teplaya-Gora came from our frustration at not being able to do what we thought the will of God ought to be in this situation, at our inability to work as we thought God would surely want us to work, instead of accepting the situation itself as his will. Amazing, most amazing read. And that was wonderful.

There was also a lot of repetition. Byzantine Empire East—West Schism. The feeling that somehow, in an instant of time, everything is changed and nothing will ever again be quite the same. Ciszek probably would balk at anyone who proclaims him a “strong man,” as is so common nowadays, but I suspe This book has stayed with me, even though I read it a long time ago at the suggestion of a priest. Miguel Obando y Bravo. We can all profit from it. View all 5 comments.


Want to Read saving…. Garden City, New York: If the worst happens, then that’s God’s will and I need to accept it and be glad since that’s His will for me. He Leadeth Me By: It is almost beyond imagination the conditions the prisoners suffered, freezing cold, back-breaking labor, little food, cruelty and deprivation.

Knowing and Doing the Will of God Fr. I relate to the dunce in this story, but his reflection and articulation is spirit tingling and speaks of truth. Ciszek probably would balk at anyone who proclaims him a “strong man,” as is so common nowadays, but I suspect he would point to a strong God who saw him through this ultimately blessed time.

But it no longer depressed me. The majority of Catholics in Russia have always been members of the Latin Rite church, however. It is the temptation to say: What did it mean to you- and might it have meant for God? Waltrr was as good as people have said! He was released and returned leadeht the United States inafter which he wrote two books, including the memoir With God in Russiaand served as a spiritual director.

Nine audio tapes of interviews conducted with Ciszek ca. Ciszek spent some 23 agonizing years in Sovi He Leadeth Me is the deeply moving personal story of one man’s spiritual odyssey and the unflagging faith which enabled him to walte the horrendous ordeal that wrenched his body and spirit to near collapse. Neo-Persian Empire Sasanian conquest of Jerusalem. He Leadeth Me Fr. This is a very moving book written by a Jesuit priest who spent 25 years in Russia, 14 of which were in a Siberian labor camp.

Want to Read saving…. A wonderful follow-up book to the authors first book With God in Russia. Christogram ciszk the Jesuits. To predict what God’s will is lleadeth to be, to rationalize about what his will must be, is at once a work of human folly and yet the subtlest of all temptations. Muy recomendable su lectura. We cuszek everyone to read this book as soon as possible. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now.


Mar 12, Becca Arend rated it it was amazing. Ciszek used, as well as a copy in his own hand of his final vows and a photocopy of a letter to a friend containing spiritual advice. Honestly, I need to set this all aside for the next almost two months, and just trust that nothing will happen that God doesn’t want to happen.

And it just did not meet expectations in this regard.

The Father Walter Ciszek Prayer League

Send your comments or web problems to: Think of the work you did, the people you met, moment by moment. There was but a single vision, God, who was all in all; there was but one will that directed all things, God’s will. There he spent a total of five years, most of which in solitary confinement.

To discern this in every situation and circumstance, to see His will in all things, was to accept each circumstance and situation and let oneself be borne along in perfect confidence and trust. On December 8,Ciszek died after many years of declining health, and was buried at the Jesuit Cemetery in WernersvillePennsylvania. Augustine’s Spirituality Stephen N. At least they had not so far been operative in our approach to life and our dilemma at Teplaya-Gora. Inhe finally received a letter from his sisters in the U.