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Descritores: Feto, Linfangioma, Higroma cístico, Ultrassonografia, Imagem por ressonância magnética fetal. Abstract: OBJECTIVE: To evaluate three cases of. Portuguese, Higroma quístico, HIGROMA QUISTICO, Linfangioma cístico, Higroma Cístico, Higroma, Linfangioma Cístico. Spanish, Higroma quístico, higroma. Subdural hygromas refer to the accumulation of fluid in the subdural space. In many cases, it is considered an epiphenomenon of head injury when it is called a .

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Prenatal diagnosis of an extensive fetal lymphangioma using ultrasonography, magnetic resonance imaging and cytology. Patients should address specific medical concerns higroka their physicians. Thus, the use of alternative samples for fetal karyotyping, such as CH citsico, may be considered when conventional invasive procedures can not be performed. In cases where mass-effect is radiographically demonstrated, it may be neurosurgically evacuated 5.

The developments in the techniques of this imaging modality have revolutionized the assessment of pregnant women and fetuses, with increasingly rapid sequences and reduction of fetal motion artifacts 9.

We performed puncture of the CH for fetal karyotyping, which revealed X-chromosome monosomy 45,Xcompatible with TS. Magnetic resonance imaging MRI has been utilized as a valuable complementary method to US cistoco the diagnosis of fetal malformations. Case 8 Case 8.

Log in Sign up. All these types are formed by lymphatic channels with endothelial lining separated by a conjunctive tissue stroma 1.

To evaluate three cases of cervical lymphangioma with magnetic resonance imaging and correlating with sonographic findings. Fetal magnetic resonance imaging can be a useful adjuvant to obstetric ultrasonography in cases of lymphangioma because higroka its higher accuracy in the determination of these tumors extent and adjacent uigroma invasion, allowing a better postnatal surgical planning.

Case 4 Case 4. All the lesions were located in the posterior cervical region, two of them at left fetuses 1 and 3and one at right fetus 2.


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In cases of isolated presentation, lymphangiomas have a good prognosis and most of times should be surgically resected. Content is updated monthly with systematic literature reviews and conferences.

Subdural hygromas refer to the accumulation of fluid in the subdural space. However, in cases of prenatal detection, it is important to perform a fetal karyotyping considering that lymphatic dysplasias are associated with chromosomal abnormalities 3. Case 6 Case 6. There was oligohydramnios, which prevented the execution of amniocentesis. Although this explanation has the benefit of simplicity, it cistcio not higrona represent a true description of the underlying mechanisms.

A lymphangioma characterized by the presence of thin-walled cavernous lymphatic spaces. Vessels rarely cross through the lesion in contrast-enhanced studies see cortical vein sign 1.

Cavernous LymphangiomasLymphangiomas, CavernousCavernous LymphangiomaCavernous lymphangiomaCavernous lymphangioma morphologic abnormalitycavernous; lymphangiomalymphangioma; cavernousLymphangioma, Cavernous.

Search Bing for all related images. References Townsend Sabiston Surgery, Saunders, p. MRI imaging of fetal neck masses with airway compromise: A year-old healthy pregnant woman was in her third pregnancy and had a history of two previous miscarriages all occurred during the first trimester.

Definition MSH A cystic growth originating from lymphatic tissue. There are other theories regarding lymphangiomas, but the authors have opted for considering that of cystic hygromas, since this is the entity approached by the present study.

A comprehensive review of fetal tumors with pathologic correlation.

Cunha 2 ; Paulo Ricardo G. In two cases of the present study, the lesions were hypointense on T1-weighted sequences, and hyperintense on T2-weighted sequences, with thin septations inside. The most echogenic portion of the lesion correlates with groups of small and abnormal lymphatic channels cistio.

Case 7 Case 7. In many cases, it is considered an epiphenomenon of head injury when it is called a traumatic subdural hygroma. All of the lesions were hihroma in the posterior cervical region, two of them at left and one at right, with mean size of 7.

The three patients were previously informed about the procedure and signed a term of free and informed consent. Additionally, MRI demonstrated involvement of the auricula in the case of fetus 2, and intrathoracic extension of the lesion towards the upper mediastinum in the case of fetus 1, which had not been demonstrated at US.


The relation between cystic hygromas and soft tissues of the neck is most clearly demonstrated at MRI 2. Koshiyama 1 ; Tatiana D. MRI also plays a significant role in the differential diagnosis of this disease, especially with encephalocele, cervical myelomeningocele, teratoma and hemangioma 8that present different prognosis, requiring different management. Ultrafast MR imaging of the fetus. The present study evaluated three pregnant women referred by Instituto Fernandes Figueira, Rio de Janeiro, after the finding of fetal cervical cystic mass at obstetric US.

Evaluation of fetal cisyico lymphangioma by cidtico resonance imaging and correlation with sonographic findings. Cistixo with high protein content present hyperintense signal on T1-weighted sequences 1.

Synonyms or Alternate Higrma Lymphangiomas are congenital malformations of the lymphatic system caused by a failure in the drainage from the primordial lymphatic sac 1,3. Chromosomal analysis showed a X-chromosome monosomy – 45,X[21], consistent with TS.

Subdural hygroma | Radiology Reference Article |

Therefore, at 18 weeks of pregnancy, a puncture of the CH was held for fetal karyotyping, following a long-term culture. If the CH is multiloculated, it is possible to puncture higromma analyze different regions especially due to the possibility of higrma 4. In the present three-case series evaluating cervical lymphangiomas, the authors considered that MRI was complementary to US, with a similar role in the evaluation of the lesions site, size and content.

Subdural hygromas are encountered in all age-groups but are overall most common in the elderly 7.