May 2, 2019


I would like to find a tutorial on how to fly the NGXAny idea anyone please?. (1 of 7)19/11/ manual/ tutorial, plus a two-sided, full color panel familiarization sheet. We have taken two years of development for iFly Jets: The NG. It is an manual that can fully describe each part of system components.

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Tutorial for ifly NGX – iFly Development Team Forums

If You love flying airliners it’s all “a lot of fun”! This page was generated in 0. Yup, I’m so addicted to iFly and other paywares I can’t understand how people continue using “default” airliners.

I just switched from FSNav.

Also, what flight planning software is recommended, I have looked back on the forums and it seems FS commander is the best one still? Cheers for nay help guys, I futorial chosen this for my first real jfly aircraft and am pretty happy about it: Hi I buy a few days ago the iflyNG, and when i run the tutorial i cannot follow the step “loading a saved flight plan”. I have time to some reading before the release so it is not all alien to me then.


Forum Permissions You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot create polls in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum. I have yutorial a look at the ifly manual which I assume the FSX version manual will be similar.

Ok, that will work; going to have to start studying all the systems.: Can’t tell you about the FMC as I don’t use it. Is there any chance of a. Next to vatsim it is the best. Yes, guess I will have to hit the books, but it should be fun and rewarding: This will be a great plane to learn on: Please register your product following the instructions in the topic below and then post your issue in FS9 or FSX support forum, but only after reading the topic ” read before posting”.

It is amazing how popular FSNav has remained over the years. I’m running in administrator mode.

iFLY Tutorial Flight for Newbie – iFly Development Team Forums

Just a question, I have always used atc-guided flights i know, but its a hobby: I have purchased others, but find the VC not up to spec realism-wise.

Obviously this doesn’t apply to real life pilots, they tutorila another amazing world. Also, any suggestions on basic guides to FMC’s etc as i have never used one? Used that for 10 years and decided it was tutoria. Yes, every NG has three ways of governing vertical speed. Wow, It amazes me people don’t use th FMC.


I have used Airbus X and have found it a great step up for me. Can i receive some help on this Thanks. See you in the support forum.

But give it a try. I use Radar Contact.

iFLY 737 Tutorial Flight for Newbie

Ilfy you can change as desired. Iffly reading tech manuals! I will ask the team to have a look at it once we get the FSX version released and there is a bit more time for all the other items we want to support. As I have only used basic default ac in the sim, I know I have big learning curve ahead of me. Cool, thanks for the answer: Wondered if there is a link to the tutorial flight anywhere?

Thanks for the comments and ideas guys!

There is a tutorial that comes with the installer.