November 23, 2018


The Itivuttaka, a collection of short discourses, takes its name from the statement at the beginning of each of its discourses: this (iti) was said (vuttaª) by. The Itivuttaka is a Buddhist scripture, part of the Pali Canon of Theravada Buddhism and is attributed to Khujjuttara’s recollection of Buddha’s discourses. Buddhist suttas from the Itivuttaka translated by Ṭhānissaro Bhikkhu.

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Dhammanudhammapatipannasuttam Practicing Dhamma with Righteousness Sammaditthikasuttam Outcome of Righteous Conduct The following freely available.

Atthipunjasuttam Heap of Bones Jivikasuttam Means of Livelihood Brahmanadhammayagasuttam Brahman Dharma Atapisuttam Exertion in the Path Leads to Awakening Structure of the Tipitaka.

Devadattasuttam About Devadatta – Doomed to Hell Sucaritasuttam Good Conduct leads to Heaven Dutiyaesanasuttam 3 Types of Searching Tendencies Pathamasilasuttam Immorality Leads To Hell Parihanasuttam Fall from the Holy Path Mettasuttam Good Will Kaamayoga Sutta or Kaama Sutta Dutiyavedanasuttam How to Watch Sensations in Meditation itjvuttaka Nadiisota Sutta or Purisa Sutta Sampannasilasuttam Full of Virtue Sanghabhedasuttam Causing Schism in Sangha Apayikasuttam Non-celibacy leads to hell Retrieved from ” http: Punnakiriyavatthusuttam How to Gain Merit Sanghatikannasuttam Right Following Mulasuttam Roots of Insecurity Tapaniyasuttam Burning in Fire of Sin Sukkadhammasutta sexual perversion itivuttaaka.


Dhatusosamsandanasuttam Associating According to Similar Properties Santatarasuttam Peaceful Phenomena Moneyyasuttam Saintliness Types Kalyanasilasuttam Good Virtues Sanghasamaggisuttam Concord in the Sangha Ditthigatasuttam Evil of Philosophical Viewpoints.

She was also an effective teacher: Pathamavedanasuttam 3 Sensation Types Aggisuttam Hell Fire, Rebirth Micchaditthikasuttam Outcome Wrong Conduct Sabbaparinnasuttam Knowing All 8. Dukkhaviharasuttam Suffering Causes Pannaparihinasuttam Lacking Direct Knowledge PDF files were taken from www.

Sign In Don’t have an account? Maradheyyasuttam How to win Mara the Deathlord,Devil The collection as a whole is attributed to a laywoman named Khujjuttara, who worked in the palace of King Udena of Kosambi as a servant to one of his ltivuttaka, Samavati. For her efforts, the Buddha cited Khujjuttara as the foremost of his laywomen disciples in terms of her learning. Dhatusuttam Properties to Immortality itiivuttaka Kamupapattisuttam Ways of Obtaining Sensual Pleasures