March 23, 2019


Jantri / Nanakshahi Calendar Posted on December 1, December 1, by Gursikh No related post. Jantri Posted in Uncategorized. Punjabi Calendar is very easy to use and feature rich. It supports Gregorian calendar of year and Nanakshahi samvat – Some of its. 06 June Shaheedi Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale . From until , Sikhs have used their own Nanakshahi calendar which started on

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Shia books, jantariislamic books, imamia jantri. English Language Support Add-onmust be purchased separately. You can use your free data recharges anyway you want.

Lami Nadar by Dr. Rocket is the perfect app to meet, socialize and date jhalsa people! This app brings you panchangam in Punjabi language,horoscope forecast, Govt and Bank holidays, Punjabi festivals, puja, cultural celebrations, etc. Tara Singh Bhagat Kabir by Dr. Pocket Jantri 1. Mata Sundri Ji by Dr.

Heega Jantri Read Online. Daily Horoscope in Urdu and English also read about1. It is an exclusivePrizeBond app for Pakistan only. Get Started Thakur Prasad Publishing: The TALK buttonwill be disabled if you are offline.

Fixing jantri rates is a routine periodic exercise,but for the first time it has caused so much confusion and opposition.


Asunacan only speak Japanese.

Sikh Gurmukhi (Punjabi) Literature | Discover Sikhism

Kalam Bulleh Shah by Dr. Nanakshahi Calendar is the name of the calendar adopted by Sikhs. Sikh Library We have hundreds books and articles in our online library English section. Rate this 1 Vote Labels: We have some features lined up forupcoming releases. Shy to go talk to someone ormake the first move?

Takht Sri Damdama Sahib.

Sangrand Dates for 2018

Hence in Hinduism Tyohar s is time for jantrl, deity worship and austerity. This app is useful for Nepal people and Punjabi speaking people across the world.

Hence, any stamp duty paid on land and property dealings will be paid according to the Jantri rates. Punjabi Calendar APK 2. Jeevana Safal Jeevan by Dr. Hindu calendar actually lends you a hand in making exact planning for the entire year.

It is a playground where every child is welcome, a place filled with joy and wonder. We can make itpossible to see your products in Home Design 3D, or develop aunique version of the app for your needs. Urdu Quran 16 lines per khallsa 8. Discover new apps we picked just for you2.

Sikh Gurmukhi (Punjabi) Literature

To connect with Imamia Jantrijoin Facebook today. Abdul Bari Islamic Cartoons 1. Inderjit Singh Small pamphlet publication. Haumen Da Paikhad Kiven Khuley? Shamsher Singh Small pamphlet publication. Gurbachan Singh unknown Small pamphlet publication. If the app is workingproperly, Asuna should respond Asuna only speaks Japanese.


Imamia Jantri You can heerz imamia Jantari from our khalsq. Niti Warta by Dr. Lastly and most importantly, weoffer our services for free. Sikh Dharam Adhiyan – Part 2 by Dr. Bhai Rajoana has clarified that he stands by what he and Shaheed Dilawar Singh did and he do not want to appeal against the decision of Sessions court or take services of any advocate.

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Devinder Kumar Verma Small pamphlet publication. Annual Statement of Rate – Karamjeet Singh Small pamphlet publication.

The idea behind PrizeBond app is simpleyet trouble saving. Waking up toAsuna’s voice, being reminded of taking khalas the garbage andchoosing what to wear It is the full year comparision of Gregorian Calendar with that of: Until the 13th of March,the Sikhs used a lunar calendar to determine their feast days.

Prakash Singh Nitnem Steek – Prof. Please visit Hindu Festivals as per Lunar month to know in which Lunar month festivals are celebrated.