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Wendell Corey in Man-Eater of Kumaon () Man-Eater of Kumaon () Wendell Corey, Jimmy Moss, Joy Page, and Sabu in Man-Eater of Joy Page and . Man-Eaters of Kumaon has ratings and reviews. Ridhika said: This book was a little difficult for me to rate. The prime reason being that I am a. Man-Eaters of Kumaon (Oxford India Paperbacks) [Jim Corbett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Jim Corbett was every inch a hero.

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On the right-hand side of this flat ground there were a few bushes, with a deep channel scoured out by rain-water running through them. While reading the book, it seemed I have been transported to s, where everyday chores like collecting firewood in a man-eater infested area is a dare, where the whole villages were evacuated and economic activities came to a standstill owing to menace of man-eaters.

Man-Eaters of Kumaon

Jim Corbett was every inch a hero, something like a “sahib” Davy Crockett: Above all, he loved tigers. Jim Corbett was a sportsman hunter who took to hunting man eating tigers and other wildlife in the foothills of the Himalaya.

Suddenly the denizens of the jungle started to chatter. Later on in life, Mameater spoke out for the need to protect India’s wildlife from extermination and played a key role in creating a national reserve for the endangered Bengal tiger by using his influence to persuade the provincial government to establish it.

This is the third book I am leaving unfinished this year. I can’t recall how I came across this book exactly, I think I was browsing around for out-of-copyright stuff and other freebies that I could populate the Kindle with.

Step by step, Robin lead- ing, we moved along this line, and had passed the branches and were opposite the trunk when Robin stopped. These were then made into a small book and copies were privately published under the title Jungle Stories and distributed amongst friends. Corbbet, as a hunter, often misleads his prey, he follows a no-nonsense approach as an author.

The victim had been the first to cut all the leaves she needed, and as she was letting herself down by a branch some two inches in diameter the tigress had crept forward and, standing up on her hind legs, had caught the woman by the foot and pulled her down into the ravine. While reading the book, I came across quite interesting passages like Corbett describing tigers as a beautiful and a proud animal.

Walking alone in search of man eaters, spending days and nights waiting over a kill, and surviving all seasons and dangers created by these sometimes clever animals – and the vivid expression of those experiences makes him unique. His descriptions were minute and not one bit boring. There is nothing in this book about the author’s past or his personal life or even his opinions for that matter.


I passed the news on to the Tahsildar while I was getting a rifle and some cart- ridges, and asked him to follow me down to the village. For one thing, when wounded animals have to be followed up on foot, chance shots are not indulged in, and for another, the vital parts are more accessible when shooting on the same level as the animal than when shoot- ing down on it.

Man-Eater of Kumaon – Wikipedia

The grass was about two feet high and hid half my body, and if I kept perfectly still there was a good chance of my not being seen. There was no need for me to examine the blood to determine the 34 Man-eaters of Kumaon position of the wound, for at the short range I had fired at I had seen the bullet strike, And the spurt of dust on the far side was proof that the bullet had gone right through the leopard’s body.

I thought when we were climbing down the watercourse that I knew of no more dangerous proceeding than walking in front of a nervous man carrying a loaded gun, but I changed my opinion when on walking behind him he slipped and fell, and I saw where the muzzle of his gun a converted.

First, that it was dangerous to chase langurs, and second that the alarm-call of a langur denoted the presence of a leopard.

Man-Eaters of Kumaon is a collection of incidents documented by Corbett himself during the twenties and thirties in the Himalayan foothills. Entering the ravine a hundred yards below the tree, and working up, I found the pug marks of a tiger in some fine earth that had sifted down between two big rocks; these pug marks showed the animal to be a tigress, a little past her prime.

I was totally taken with the man as much as his adventures, a quiet an unassuming person with an almost limitless knowledge of the jungle. May 06, Renuka rated it it was ok Shelves: It appeared that the party had set out two hours before midday and, after going half a mile, had climbed into trees to cut leaves. Feb 22, Rajeev Roshan rated it it was amazing.

Here is a man completely at ease in nature with a grasp of its beauty and danger. The significance of this will be apparent when it is realized that, while the sportsman is trying to get a sight of the tiger, the tiger in all probability is trying to stalk the sportsman, maneafer is lying mxneater in wait for him.

To appreciate a tiger’s growl to the full it is necessary to be situated as I then was rocks all round with dense vegetation between, and the imperative necessity of testing each footstep to avoid falling headlong into unseen chasms and caves. I agree that they were a menace to the villagers but killing them is not the solution. On our side of the tree the ground was open, but on the far side there was a dense growth of waist-high basonta bushes. A beat therefore was the only thing to do, provided I could raise sufficient men.


Interesting stories about an area of India which was certainly a lovely if dangerous part of the world at that time I was delighted to find that this is still a favourite book after all this time. I was told this tale in the village, and when I climbed the path to the two-roomed hut where the woman was engaged in washing clothes, she had then been dumb a twelvemonth. Pitifully little as these remains were, they would suffice for the cremation ceremony which would en- sure the ashes of the high caste woman reaching Mother Ganges.

Instructing the crowd not to make a noise, and to remain in the village until I returned, I set off in the direction of the tree.

She came to rest with her head projecting over the side of the rock. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Nor am I a hunter, off I’m keenly aware of the man-made problems tigers have today. I have seen a lot of documentaries on tigers and have enjoyed it thoroughly.

He said that if the crop was not harvested in my presence, it would not be harvested at all, for the people were too frightened to msneater their homes. I despise hunting as a sport and maneatwr Tiger is a magnificent animal. At first the tigress took no notice, but when the woman had cut the grass right up to where she was lying the tigress struck once, the blow crushing oumaon the woman’s skull. You get a feeling that you are reading a thriller and not a book on hunting man eaters.

The book shares not just the story of tigers, but the passion of Jim Corbett for all these creatures, the kind natured man who exposes himself of his good heart when he tries to find all ways to spare a cat before deciding to shoot it down.

Corbett provides vivid imagery of his surroundings, exploits and reasoning for hunting the way he does. I loved the beginning when Corbett explained as mansater why a tiger turns into a man eater. His understanding of the forest and the beings residing in it is awe inspiring. The valley, starting from the watershed of the three rivers Ladhya, Nandhour and Eastern Goula, runs south-west for twenty miles and is densely wooded.