November 27, 2018


Mexica by Norman Spinrad – book cover, description, publication history. 27 Nov I think we need to make Norman Spinrad an honorary Chicano. His novel of the conquest of Mexico, Mexica, is the reason. It was published in. The year is In a small hut on the slopes of the volcano Popocateptl, scholar and poet Alvaro de Sevilla reflects on his extraordinary life. For Alvaro was one.

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Sympathy for the Devil, as the title of a Rolling Stones song put it, and that was what I was compelled to write. When I was living in London, Mike Moorcock was churning out a dozen heroic fantasy novels a year to support New Worldsnot all of them under his own name by any means.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Well, the answer is, surprisingly, yes. El misticismo de las tradiciones ancestrales que nos muestran parte de lo que hoy nos define. A revolution has begun. If for no other reason than no one else was daring to do it.

It’s a classic historical story – Hernan Cortes and a relatively small troop of Spaniards march through the countryside of a newly discovered country in a newly discovered part of the world. In the s, as Spinrad was entering his Medicare years and was entering his fifth decade of writing, he had a bit of a commercial and critical success by turning to Alternate History.

Yet Mexica has a potential appeal far beyond the Latino Lit market. How much science fiction is being published now that’s set in worlds that are better than ours? Well, okay, most speculative fiction, indeed most fiction period, is still not written in such a defiantly non-transparent prose, but the same year or so that Bug Jack Barron was published, Brian Aldiss published Barefoot in the HeadNorman Mailer published Why Are We in Vietnam?

As a norjan, I wasn’t sure that Spinrad could still pull off surprises, but this was a real winner. Could the same author really produce a good historical fiction novel? Some critics have noted utopian themes in Spinrad’s works. But I also knew that the very reasons why Osama the Gun was going to be so difficult to get published were the reasons I had to write it.


The best of all possible worlds. Alvaro de Sevilla is a confidante of Hernan Cortez and witnesses many of the important events in person and writes about it in a slightly philosophical way. Whyyou normxn well ask I certainly havedid Sonny Mehta do what he did?

Mexica by Norman Spinrad

Lists with This Book. Want to Read Currently Meica Read. Abre los ojos nos estan comiendo el mandado con nuestras raicez. Mar 25, James rated it it was ok Shelves: It is a fictionalized account of Cortes’s conquest of the Aztecs as told by a Spanish diarist and advisor hiding his Jewish faith. Jan 10, Swarnima rated it it was amazing.

I have personally read this book at least 3 times, and think it is just wonderful. I have often said and written that the real battle is not between good and evil but between differing concepts of the good.

But it was an encounter between two civilizations that could only end in chaos, death, and destruction. But it is already out of print. Any number of novels were written about it before Osama the Gunbut they were almost entirely about narrowly-focused psychological reactions to the event by Americans.

Lee Wood in ; they divorced in Mexica, It is the novel that my brother and nephew begged me to get. But my ex-wife, N. Highly recommended to all. Alvaro learns the Mexica language of Nahautl and becomes Montezuma’s confessor, confidant, and friend during the days in which he’s held prisoner in his own city by the Spaniards. And first contact between homo sapiens and extraterrestial aliens has, of course, been a central staple of science fiction for a century or so.

Luis Angel Maciel si es el ultimo emperador Azteca. The Iron Dream is an alternate history novel, the bulk of which is the mexixa part consisting of a fictional fantasy classic entitled Lord of the Swastikawritten by one Adolf Hitler. The first part explains that the deceased author Hitler was a sci-fi writer and that this novel was widely praised by fandom.


Norman Spinrad – Wikipedia

So I knew the score. Apr 14, Mercedes Silvia rated it it was amazing. The transmutation of nroman biz celebrities into political candidates. Norman Spinrad Spinrad at Utopiales in East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. This amazing novel is not available in English, or in America. Harlan Ellison wrote an early version of the script, but the movie was never made.

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It’s often hard to decide who the ‘savage’ is– Montezuma and his warriors who live in a beautiful and civilized city or the poorly trained Spanish in search of gold who are brutal killers of the heathens. The means by which television corrupts democratic politics by its power to sell policies and candidates as if they were so much toilet paper and dog food.

No Political Naïf: An Interview with Norman Spinrad

Thanks for the commentary, Mr. Lee Wood, who had written Waiting for the Madhia novel set in a near-future Muslim Middle East, had done a lot of research for it, and I had gotten interested and read it all myself.

The political consequences, and not in the far future, but in the immediate future. Lee Wood in ; they divorced in The historical versions of this story come from sources that range from the very biased letters of Cortes himself, writings from relatively contemporary Aztecs, as well as the well-known writings of Bernal Diaz del Castillo, who makes a couple of cameo appearances in “Mexica”.