December 29, 2018


NPTEL Video Lectures, IIT Video Lectures Online, NPTEL Youtube Lectures, Free Video Lectures, NPTEL Online Lecture Series on Power Electronics by Prof. Power electronics by BG Fernandez IIT-Bombay. Couldn’t help my self but I think you are a power electronics guy so I’d say watch Electrical machines by. ‘Power Electronics’ Course Lecture Videos – Electrical Engineering Videos from IIT Bombay by Prof. Kishore Chatterjee, Prof. B.G. Fernandes. Online Lecture.

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Iyer Physics Electromagnetic Theory Prof. Patil Watershed Management Dr. Power System Dynamics and Control. Sudipta Chakraborty, Marcelo G.

Bhaskar RoyProf. Jha Project Management Prof.

NPTEL :: Electrical Engineering – Power Electronics

Steady state converter analysis, Steady state modeling of the power converters, DC transformer model, loss modeling.

Deepankar Choudhury Structural Dynamics Dr. Supratik Chakraborty Introduction to Programming Prof. Shankar Advanced Process Control Prof. Maryam Shojaei Baghini ,Prof. Azizuddin Khan Social Cognition Prof. Anindya DattaProf. Feedback control design, voltage mode and current mode control, control of inverters and rectifiers.


IIT Kharagpur – NPTEL Online

Date Cryogenic Engineering Prof. Eledtronics Signal Processing – Multirate and wavelets. Dynamic modeling of the power converters, AC modeling of converters, state-space averaging, Transfer functions and frequency domain analysis, Extra Element Theorem. Computer Science and Engineering. Converter configurations and their characteristics, DC link control, converter control characteristics; Monopolar operation, converter with and without overlap, smoothing reactors, transients in DC line, converter faults and protection, HVDC Breakers.

Banerji Structural Reliability Dr. Gadre Advanced Optical Communication Prof. Naresh PatwariProf. Vikram Singh Sirola Macroeconomics Prof. Dulal PandaDr. Phale Bioenergetics and Intermediary metabolism Prof.

Chandiramani Soil Dynamics Dr. Dinesh Sharma Managerial Accounting Dr. Limitations of extra long AC transmission, Voltage profile and voltage gradient of conductor, Electrostatic field of transmission line, Reactive Power planning and control, traveling and standing waves, EHV cable transmission system.

Commonly used reference frames, Transformation between reference frames. Vas, Electrical Machines and Drives: Introduction to Aerospace Propulsion. Introduction to Modeling and Optimization, Springer, 2nd Edition, Sharat Advanced Functional Programming Prof. Basics of vehicle performance, vehicle power source characterization, transmission characteristics, mathematical models to describe vehicle performance, Notel Electric Drive-trains, Electric Drive-trains, Electric Propulsion unit Energy Storage Requirements in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, Hybridization of different energy storage devices, Sizing the drive system, Energy Management Strategies, Implementation issues of energy management strategies, Case Powsr D-Q model, axes transformation, Steady state analysis from different frames of references.


Power Electronics

Atrey Introduction to Nuclear Engineering Prof. Kulkarni Measure and Integration Prof. Other renewable energy systems: Digital Signal Processing – Multirate and wavelets Prof. Convective Heat and Mass Transfer.

Reference Books Kimbark E. Analog and digital implementation of the controllers, Advanced analysis and control techniques applied to power electronics converters.

Ranjith Padinhateeri Biomolecular Spectroscopy Prof.