November 29, 2018


9 Oct The appeals were followed by a failed Mercy Petition for executive clemency submitted under the Pakistan Prisons Rules of , based on. WHEREAS it is expedient to amend the law relating to prisons in [2][Pakistan], and to provide rules for the regulation of such prisons;. It is hereby enacted as. Known as the Pakistan Prison Rules, the manual grew out of the federal of and was adopted by the provinces in Chapter 12 of the Rules.

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He was informed that regular educational classes were conducted for prisoners and training was also imparted to them for learning computer lessons. It is recommended that the prisoner should have a right of appeal against a major penalty to the Inspector-General, Prison whose order shall be final.

The Badin Jail is still in operation but under-utilized. Basit spent 18 months in jail, during which time he contracted tubercular meningitis that paralyzed him from the waist down. The Rules do not require the provision of education to undertrial children, who form the overwhelming majority of the juvenile prison population. This issue was discussed in the meeting of Pakistan Law Commission on November 2, Dear reader, online ads enable us to deliver the journalism you value.

A majority of the jail staff are without formal training, education, and aptitude for their challenging and sensitive assignments. Spreading panic and stirring politics is not the answer to shortcomings in cyber security in banking sector. The Prison Rules do not require the training of assistant superintendents, but their completion of the Institute’s initial six-month course is usually mandated by their appointment orders.

Pakistan Prisoners Code (Jail Manual)

He was further shown factories, functioning inside the jail premises where prisoners were employed for work. Such centers do exist and are functioning in some prisons. Similarly, there are 4 jails in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

Problems in Death Cells The prisoners given death sentence are kept in special death cells, constructed for the purpose. In addition, there are a handful of special prisons, including the juvenile institutions at Bahawalpur and Karachi which paikstan discussed in the following chapter and the women’s jails at Multan in Punjab, and Larkana in Sindh. This recommendation should be accepted by the Government. Draft Amendments in Prison Rules.


A Joint Secretary of this Secretariat also visited the Women Prisons in Lahore and Karachi and gathered information with regard to conditions inside such prisons and the treatment meted out to prisoners. On either side of each dormitory are the inmates’ beds-cement platforms, similar to those in Lahore District Jail, but covered by mattresses. In exercise of the powers conferred under section 59 of the Prisons Act XI ofthe Provincial Government is pleased to amend the following Rules as under: He said the discrimination in diet provided ample opportunities to jail officials and prisoners to misuse the facility.

In case of serious illness, the patient should be referred to appropriate government or private hospitals for treatment. It is, therefore, recommended that such permission may be given by the Director, Reclamation and Probation, after due process, and the procedure for the purpose should be simplified. Abdul Basit was convicted in a murder case and was sentenced to death under section b of the Pakistan Penal Code on May 19, Section 27 to 30 of the Prison Act and Rules to of the Pakistan Prison Rulesclearly provide for the classification of prisoners on the basis of their involvement in civil matters or criminal offences.

The situation in Sindh is even worse, with institute staff having to conduct field training courses for warders, of no more than three weeks’ duration, in the various jails of the province. Rules to of the Pakistan Prison Rulescover the subject. With the passage of time, the number of prisoners, released on parole is declining.

Human Rights Watch researchers also observed children in the Bahawalpur Borstal wearing chain links, during a visit to the facility on May 18, Proper education and training should rlues provided to the women prisoners and juvenile offenders.

Solitary confinement, on the other hand, is regularly ordered by prison authorities for a sweeping range of infractions, whether committed by convicts or prisoners who are under trial. Rules for the Protection of Juveniles, pakkistan state that the “restriction or denial of contact with family members should be prohibited for any purpose.


Based on his health condition, his legal team, the Justice Project Pakistan, a legal aid group, filed appeals to both the High Court of Lahore and the Supreme Court, but the appeals were both dismissed in Developments in the Case Basit spent 18 months in jail, during which time he contracted tubercular meningitis that paralyzed him from the waist down.

Basit was unable to walk or stand on the scaffold as required by the Rule. The accused persons, on their arrest, are kept in detention at the police lockups.

The juvenile ward is a two-story building, divided into four halls. Girls and adult women are almost always housed together in the women’s wards of prisons, or in one of the two separate facilities established for women, at Larkana, in Sindh, and Multan, in Punjab.

Pakistan: Prison Rule Requires Condemned to Be Able to Stand on the Scaffold | Global Legal Monitor

The later was subsequently closed around He said the Punjab province took the lead in ending discrimination among prisoners regarding diet. The same may be followed by other provinces. The punishments provided for in the Prison Rules include placement in solitary confinement; the use of handcuffs, chain links, and bar fetters; whipping; and assignment to hard labor. He was fairly impressed with the clean hygienic conditions, provision of proper medical care, education and other facilities to the prison inmates.

All such convicts “shall be brought under a course of Instruction, in reading, writing, and arithmetic for two hours daily,” and “[t]he standard of education will be up to the Matric standard as laid down for schools by paiistan Education Department. The Punjab government has streamlined the weekly diet menu of the prisoners of both B and C classes and now either gules will have the same menu in 36 jails of the province.

The Report as approved by the Commission follows: