November 21, 2018


Based on Dr. Rapini’s popular Atlas of Dermatopathology, this practical resource delivers expert guidance on the evaluation and diagnosis of skin biopsies. Practical Dermatopathology [Ronald P. Rapini] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 2nd edition, by Ronald P. Rapini. Quickly and confidently evaluate and diagnose skin biopsies with Practical Dermatopathology. Written from the perspective of.

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Make accurate, complete reports by fully understanding clinical correlations. It is not as dense as nodular and diffuse dermatitis 1. The whole book is thus structured around its Chapter 1, which rapibi, in fact, something like a crossroad in the labyrinth of dermatopathologic diagnoses, the book as a whole appearing therefore as a huge informal algorithm.

The beauty of Dr. If so, go to chapter 1, and there is an item by that name. Consult this title on your favorite e-reader with intuitive search tools and adjustable font sizes. References and Further Reading. But the approach adopted by Dr. In this second edition of Practical DermatopathologyDr. It, rather, is a work through which to wander in search of the best-fitting diagnosis.

Support Center Support Center. Practiacl believe that residents and fellows in dermatopathology will find it useful, especially when combined with the website, which one can use at any computer or on an iPad.

In any event, as this lengthy description suggests, this is not the kind of book to be read from cover to cover. Please review our privacy policy. It serves as the point of orientation for the reader who is looking to solve a diagnostic dilemma, as it provides differential diagnostic lists.


The book is organized as clues Chapter 1 and as chapters the remaining chapters on specific categories of clinical findings or specific diseases, concluding with a chapter on special stains.

Practical and portable, Practical Dermatopathology is your ideal high-yield microscope compani on! Because of these need for experience and clinical knowledge, the book may not be a first choice for the beginner pathologist or dermatologist.

Practical Dermatopathology – Ronald P. Rapini – Google Books

On the other hand, though, one soon realizes that there is more than one way to exit the labyrinth and that gaining experience is precisely that: This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. In the introduction, the publisher highlights the website features specifically, as follows:.

Last and not least, the quality of the photomicropaphs included is outstanding, and if there is one suggestion I might dare make to the author, it would be to add more of them, perhaps as a new section of multimedia resources. Dermatopatology it is time for me to retire from being the editor of the book reviews.

Written from the perspective of both the histopathologist and clinician, this popular medical reference allows you to search by disease or pathologic feature to quickly locate key criteria and a differential National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. In summary, this book is remarkable. Easily select, organize, and download your images into a presentation.


Rapini is attempting to achieve. Review by Mark Dermatopatholgoy. It is now some 10 years since I became the book review editor of Dermatopathology: Clinical lists are based on location, symptoms, duration, arrangement, morphology, and color. It has been quite a run; I have edited some 40 reviews across both journals, and I hope it has kept you, the reader and the central purpose of this journal, engaged intellectually.

Pathologic lists include major categories such as epidermal changes, dermal dermatopatholpgy, and cell types. The website also has the index hyper-linked to the sections in the book where the item s are found. Rapini Elsevier Health SciencesAug 23, – Medical – pages 0 Reviews Quickly and confidently evaluate and diagnose practicao biopsies with Practical Dermatopathology.

The basic structure of the book is similar to the 1st edition, the chapter titles are identical, and, like the previous edition as well as a good film or a good novelone must read the preface and the first chapter to understand what Dr.

As it is, it is similar to the book but even easier to navigate. At first sight, therefore, this work may not be a good introductory book. Published online Jul Elsevier Health Sciences Amazon.