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The literal meaning of Pratyabhijñāhṛdayam is “Heart –hṛdayam– of Recognition –pratyabhijñā–“. Nonetheless, there are three possible ways of interpreting. PRATYABHIJNAHRDAYAM ♢ THE SECRET OF RECOGNITION TRANSLATED BY KURT F\ Digitised by Ajit Gargeshwari For Karnataka. 21 Mar KSTS edition (Kashmir Series of Texts and Studies).

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The verbal noun, vyutthana, designates the activity of such a person, which is opposed to samadhi.


How they become effective is shown by our author in the ShS V. There are five senses of perception, called buddhindriyas or jnanendriyas.

The will-power of unrestricted sovereignty becomes anu-mala pratyabhijnzhrdayam when in the stage of limitation. Thus, an organ of the individual soul and a vehicle of universal and abstract ideas, buddhi judges and regulates the concrete objects of experience by measuring them on those normative and universal ideas cf. These are the 77 sutras ascribed to Vasugupta which, constitute the foundation of Kashmir Shivaism.

For the Vedic speculations concerning being and non-being, sat and asat, as the world-ground consult Deussen, G. However, we grant, that, generally speaking, the tattva series of the Trika was for him decisive. Unrnil occurs on pp.

In metaphysics the Jains maintain the eternal existence of matter which consists of atoms. To the macrocosmic concealment vilaya which takes place in the phase of the world rest there corresponds the state of the individual soul which — though experiencing re-absorption in virtue of vimars’a — has, nevertheless, not yet reached ultimate liberation.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. On the different means of salvation to be found within our system consult note In the cidvat sutra sutra 9 it is said: Our author, however, who is much interested in the number five adds to these letters of the alphabet proper some consonant combinations so as to bring the number of sounds up to 2 times 5 times 5.


For the general reader we append the following remarks on the current western pronounciation of the Transliterated Sanskrit words which, it must be, is only approximate. The term Trika was used by Abhinavagupta to represent the entire Kashmir Shaivism or to designate the Pratyabhijna system. Then, by means of certain other operations, physical as well as mental — such as pressure on the very spot in question, or fixation of the organ of thought thereon — the air must be forced into the susumna.

Pratyabhijna – Wikipedia

He was awarded Padma Bhushan by the Government of India in The term jiva i. Every- one of these hierarchically arranged powers again governs a certain class varga of s’aktis. The manifoldness of the universe comes about in the following way. The auxiliary nadls start in the nasal cavities ida in the left one and pihgald in the right one and run parallel to each other through the body.

Full text of “Pratyabhijna Hrdayam The Secret of Recognition Kurt Leidecker F. Adyar”

More- over, hathathe first part pragyabhijnahrdayam our compound, reminds one strikingly of hathayoga, the designation of the later and more intense and complicated form of Yoga cf. Now, this means [of the disappearance of vikalpa ] has been dealt with first because it is the principal one and is, therefore, taught in the doctrine of pratyabhijna. He goes to sleep: Bombay,with an Pratgabhijnahrdayam translation by Sris Chandra Vasu.

We cannot, how- ever, discuss at length the reasons which we have for holding different positions or criticise the views of other writers.

Hence it is not improbable that he imparted the impetus to the monistic movement in Kashmir cf. And here [we read]: Inasmuch as [the other] does not emerge, it is not real. Citta has to become citi again, while the individual, freeing himself from the malas, must again become Shiva.


Thinking, however, that citta especially constitutes the real nature of the muyapramatr, he said: These Brahmavadins, our aut or remarks rightfully, recognize the primary principle in the void s’unyathat is to say, in what the empiricist, pratyabyijnahrdayam not the metaphysician, regards as void. Light constitutes cit ; the negation of light, therefore, amounts to a negation of cit also. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. II II of a verse] in which it is formulated more in detail.

They represent and propose to set forth a certain church doctrine.

In fact, they are really no stages of manifestation at all, being eternal in virtue of their remoteness from srsti and samhara cf. The last mentioned, to be sure, is not something that, as an in- dependent object, opposes the knowing subject. This paradoxical concept acts as a mechanism to induce pratyabhijnahrdaham moment of hiatus in the mental activity, when the tension and pain are cleared.

When Shiva opens his eyes, the universe unfolds itself. Since, as was said before, pati and pas’u are in reality identical, our system has, therefore, to find a corresponding triad for the pati state. This mala dulls the individual lratyabhijnahrdayam and keeps it from recognizing its identity with Shiva. Moreover, none of the European interpreters referred to agree with the other. The rise of Hathayoga, according to Farquhar, if connected with the pratyabhijnahdrayam of this Shivaite founder of sects and all later texts on Hathayoga are dependent on him and his works mentioned above.