December 19, 2018


Editorial Reviews. Review. “Combining the erotic with the romantic, Robin Schone tests the boundaries of romance fiction”. — The Literary Times. From the Back. Read The Lover by Robin Schone by Robin Schone by Robin Schone for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Buy a cheap copy of The Lover book by Robin Schone. Even desire has its price.. .Thirty-six-year-old Anne Aimes is a spinster whose only attraction is her wealth.

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Graphic sex including a hot scene with a banana and chocolate. The creepy uncle and all the suspense surrounding the secondary story took away from the romance I thought even if it was a good lovet. He had apologized through his silence, that he not repulse her with labored breathing or an animalistic grunt of completion. There is a HEA but it is quite underplayed. In the beginning Anne’s emotions were easier to define, but toward the end when everything started becoming clearer, but darker, that’s when it all became twisted.

Unable to resist the lure of her guileless desire, he plunges her into a deadly web of deception and revenge where the price of carnal ecstacy is orbin itself James had been a barrister too long not to recognize the look in her gaze: She stared at his wedding band, a badge of respectability. View all 10 comments. The woman’s body remained poised for flight. Six women leaned forward, waiting to hear a member of their sex acknowledge what they themselves were afraid to admit.

View all 11 comments. Though the setting is rboin, the emotions and needs transcend time, place and status. In terms of love story it’s a 3 star, in terms of orginality and brilliant writing it’s a so 4 stars it is: But her plain looks mask a passionate woman who yearns to know a man’s intimate caresses.


Although Robin Schone’s novels are described as erotic this is only part of her complex, interesting story lines. Her green-checkered velvet coat with matching walking skirt and green silk polonaise were unapologetically feminine.

Scandalous Lovers

It did add to the almost gothic feel of the book, as well as to the sensual atmosphere, but after a while I just wanted them to stop being so damn wordy and for Michael and Anne to just get on with it. For the three days this books covers I was ready for a good bad guy.

I cringed every time they asses themselves – and decided they were lacking. He will use Anne Aimes, loveg wealthy spinster, to attain his vengeance.

The Lover Series

A woman who won’t suspect his own aching needs- or his true motive for accepting her terms. During twenty-four years of marriage, his wife had been the perfect hostess and mother. Click on a plot link rohin find similar books! Had she come to London to find a man who would not apologize for touching her?

There is no choice. That’s not a bad thing, I liked it. Normally this genre is not to my taste but I love her intriguing, intuitive writing although it is not for the faint hearted.

But I got more. A well written story with moving characters that I could relate to. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Do you desire to see a French postcard? WHY was I so confused?

Holeeshizz there was some hot loving in this book! But James couldn’t let her go—not until he knew whether that brief flicker inside her eyes had been a result of feminine need and not the effect of flickering gaslight. It’s not until the last two chapters that the story picks up and talks about anything other than appendages and orifices.

I know there’s the next book, which might serve to schon us an update on these two, but I don’t like when you have to rely on the next book to get your full dose of HEA.

  1762 IR4 PDF

Are you interested in English law and divorce? You can really feel the starkness and emptiness of her life and it’s very heartbreaking. Schone has two great characters constantly labels them over and over again “The Whore and The Spinster” we never really get to know them any deeper than that. I say — what a cop out! I loved every word of this well written Erotic ‘Gothic’ Romance, and would recommend it to anyone who likes Victorian Romance a little on the explict side but beautifully written with a dark gothic feel.

There’s a lot more than explicit sex—although there is plenty of that—to this frankly erotic romance, which takes a hard look at Victorian double standards and the penalties for women who ignore them and with feminist aplomb puts everything into perspective. Defying convention, Frances and James sue for a woman’s right to love.

Driven by schne, ravaged by tragedy, Michael seeks to lose himself in a woman who will demand only physical pleasure. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. It involves Anne too, and the underlying theme is that death is waiting for both of them at any moment.

It took a bit of time to get used to this style but I did.

The Lover Series by Robin Schone

Robih James riposted, every fiber in his body concentrated on the woman who stood on the threshold. I’m going to call it at 3.

Not husband to wife. I really didn’t have any idea where this one was going and not in a good I sxhone wait to see what happens kind of way.