December 26, 2018


This paper provides a detailed description of the radio frequency susceptibility requirements in Change Notice One for Section 20 of RTCA/DOD. 22 Jun assist you in determining if a particular version of RTCA/DO is acceptable. Note: When reference to RTCA/DOD is made in this AC, it. 26 Oct 1 RTCA/DO Section 26, Fire, Flammability. Working Group. Environ Laboratories LLC. Alan Thompson, President.

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Provisions shall be made to prevent condensation from dripping on the test item.

The equipment need not be operated during this test. During each resonance dwell, the applied frequency shall be adjusted, if necessary, to maintain the maximum acceleration response at the vibration resonance beingdwelled. Tolerance to T1,T2,T3 3. An explosive mixture within the chamber shall be obtained by using the mixture defined in paragraphs 9. Maintain the chamber temperature 50 humidity at least95 percent forsix hours minimum. Ambient Conditions Unless otherwise specified, all tests shall bemade conditions: Rca test equipment that generate a continuous frequency sweep, the test frequencies shall be actively swept 160s than two minutes for each frequency decade.

After seven days,inspect the growthon the control items to beassured that the environmental conditions are suitable xo growth. In addition there are 19 specific fluids that are used to test these classes. Thetestdetermines whether the equipment will withstand cabinoverpressures resulting from routine aircraft pressurization systemtesting.

At the end of the exposure period, removethe equipment from the test chamber and drain off do not wipe any condensed moisture.

RTCA DO Testing to DO D, E & F

Fluids should notbe premixed priorto spraying, and the order of application should be as specified in the equipment specification. Waveform The waveform will have a crest factor 1. The waveform requirement is accomplished if the pulse risetime is less thanor equal to 2psec and the total pulse duration is at least 10psec.


Pourthe spore charge into a sterile ml glass-stoppered Erlenmeyer flask containing 45 ml of sterile water and 10 to 15 solid glass beads,five millimeters in diameter.

The length ofthe connection defined in the installation instructions shall be used; if a length is not defined, use approximately 30 cm of arepresentative type of wire. Formation of electrically conductive bridges. Category E When equipment requires only ac input power andis tested to the ac input parameters,the equipment is identified as Category E.

Since then the standard has undergone subsequent revisions up through Revision G. APSD analysisofthe At thebeginningandendofthevibrationperiod,performan vibration acceleration response at the selected positions on the equipment. Xo test profile isshown graphically in This document outlines a set of minimal standard environmental test conditions categories and corresponding test procedures for airborne equipment for the entire spectrum of aircraft from light general aviation aircraft and helicopters through the jumbo jets and supersonic transport categories of aircraft.

Operational performance during and after the test shall be defined by the equipment specification. July 29, Supersedes: Alternate antennas maybeusedprovided the required field strengths are obtained. This test shall not be conducted after Salt Spray or Sand and Dust. These standards do not relate to potentially dangerous environments occurring as a result of leakage fromgoods carried on the aircraft as baggage or cargo. When tests are conducted at ambient conditions that differ from the above values, the actual conditions shall be recorded.

After the equipment temperature has become stabilized, operate the equipment for a minimum of while two hours maintaining the temperature of thein air the test chamber at dk operating high temperature. The equipment is not required to operate during this test and shall be at ambient temperature.

The pHmeasurement shall bemade electrometrically, using a rtcaa electrode rtcca a saturated potassium chloride bridge, by a colorimetric method such as bromothymol blueor other measuring instruments, provided the results are equivalent to those obtained withthe electrometric method.


The appropriate field strength the at EUT must be maintained. The voltage surges should be applied and monitored that in Figure Inoculate these with the spore suspension by spraying the suspension from a sterilized atomizer’ until initiation droplet of 30 degrees C at a relative humidity not less than85 percent, coalescence. Unless otherwise defined in the equipment specification, the test item shall be operating during vibration. The test item shall then be inspectedfor corrosion.


If the transmitting antenna being used is a pyramidal horn, such as a standard gain horn or similar type radiator,as the dimensions ofthe antenna become small and the frequency to of interest becomes higher, is it permissible to move the antenna closer to the EUT thanthe one meter shownin Figure MET listed products are also 160dd in every major retail stores throughout the United States and Canada.

The purpose of these tests is to provide a controlled laboratory means of assuring the performance characteristics of airborne equipment in environmental conditions similar of those which may be encountered in airborne operation of the equipment.

For the fuselage and instrument panel zones only, when the helicopter frequencies are not known, the random vibration test of Paragraph 8.

Requirement The equipment, when subjected to this condition, shall operate within the applicable equipment performance standards. During this vibration period, also performanAPSD analysis of the vibration acceleration response at selected positions on the equipment.

An equivalent shock response 160s may replace the terminal saw-tooth waveshape. A spectrumanalyzer may be used.

The above does not apply if the alternate radiated susceptibility test procedure of Section English China Korea Taiwan.