November 26, 2018


16 Mar It’s About You ANNUAL REPORT Reduction Notes to the Financial Statements . Special. Dividend. Capital. Reduction. I am pleased to report that Singtel. 1 Jun GrowinG. ToGETHEr. SingTel. &. 1. ANNUAL REPORT . sHarEHolDEr payouT. (s$b).

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We therefore carefully scrutinize any investment in legacy infrastructure that does not also support our data business, repot ensuring that we remain able to deliver a set of core traditional telephone services that fully meet customer expectations.

Investor Relations

Our rich history includes our development and expansion throughout Russia and the CIS, then into Asia, Europe, Africa and North America through a combination of organic growth annkal acquisitions. Our business, financial condition, results of operations and prospects may be materially and adversely affected if disagreements develop with our partners. Litigation involving Altimo and Telenor, two of our largest shareholders, could lead to deterioration in their sinhtel and could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition, results of operations and prospects.

If the convertible preferred shares are converted into common shares they will also become available for trading in the public market. The markets in which we operate are competitive in nature, and we expect that competition, especially in the least developed markets, will continue to increase. In addition, we may not be able reporrt borrow money within the local or international capital markets on acceptable terms or at all.

Furthermore, Egyptian taxing authorities repprt impose unlawful or improper tax assessments against OTH, and Egyptian tax law could be changed significantly or become subject to new interpretation, which could expose OTH to increased tax liability.

Other covenants limit the ability of, and in some cases prohibit, among other things, us or certain of our subsidiaries from incurring additional indebtedness, creating liens on assets, entering singtek business combinations or engaging in certain activities with companies within our group.

The loss of a larger number of subscribers than anticipated could result in a loss of a significant amount of expected revenues.

We may require greater capital 20012 in shorter time frames than we have anticipated, and we or our operations may not have the resources to make such investments. Interconnection is required to complete calls that originate on our respective networks but isngtel outside of our respective networks, or that originate from outside our networks and terminate on our respective networks.

As a result, these shareholders, if acting together, have the ability to determine the outcome of matters submitted to our shareholders for approval, including the acquisition of assets by us.

  24007 3GPP PDF

The most significant events in the development of our business include the following: Various factors may cause the supervisory board to determine not to pay dividends. Further, Europe is facing an economic slowdown, resulting in a general contraction in consumer spending, which could affect demand for VAS such as mobile Internet.

Transaction, affiliates of Telenor and members of the Alfa Group of companies reportedly owned For the past several years, OTA has suffered from various ongoing measures taken by the Algerian Government and its various annula agencies. At the Group level, we remain a lean organization focused on value creation through performance management, portfolio management, financial structure optimization, and shared services such as roaming and procurement.

If we do not have the resources for necessary capital expenditures, we may be required to raise additional debt or equity financing, which may not be available when needed on terms favorable to us or eeport all. New or proposed changes to law in Russia, Italy and other markets in which we operate anjual adversely affect our business.

We must generate sufficient net cash flow in order to meet the substantial debt service obligations which we have following the Wind Telecom Transaction and may incur in the future, and we cannot assure you that we will be able to meet those obligations. We intend to make all necessary efforts to comply with all such requirements. We require our contract mobile subscribers to enter into service contracts; however, many of these service contracts can be cancelled by the subscriber with limited advance notice and without significant penalty.

Our licenses are granted for specified periods and they may not be extended or replaced upon expiration. We cannot assure you that our revenue will grow in the future, as competition puts pressure on prices.

As a result of the VimpelCom 22012. The international economic environment could have a material adverse effect on our business.

Shaping Communications. Making Bold Moves. – C2 Design Studio

This can be made more challenging repport the broad geographic span of our operations and great cultural diversity among our local operations, which can make it more difficult to implement and maintain effective internal communication and reporting across the group. Identity of Directors, Senior Management and Advisors. We generally offer the following mobile telecommunications services to our subscribers: In andthere were widespread protests against the government, resulting in a negative impact on rrport share prices of companies listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange and resulted in extensive disruption and damage throughout the country to public and private property and infrastructure.

Except to the extent required by law, we disclaim any obligation to update or revise any of these forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. We have implemented a passionate, performance oriented culture with a key focus on operations and execution at the business unit level. The economic climate is further strained by high energy costs, in large part due to conflicts or social unrest in the Middle East and Northern Africa, which can increase various costs including some of our operations costs, while at the same time discouraging spending by subscribers.


This could also result in loss of any assets that secure this debt.

However, the fact that a particular year has been reviewed by tax authorities does not preclude that year from further review or audit during the eligible three-year limitation period by a superior tax authority. Certain amounts and percentages that appear in this Annual Report on Form F have been subject to rounding adjustments. It may be difficult for investors to enforce in the United States judgments obtained in U.

We cannot predict whether we will be able to obtain extensions of our frequency permissions and whether these extensions will be formalized and granted by the regulatory agency in a timely manner and without any significant additional costs. Unaudited, in millions of US dollars.

Annual Reports

Additional factors, such as lack of formal binding effect of judicial precedents, poor availability and organization of legislation and court decisions, slngtel pace of judicial processes and difficultly in enforcement of court orders, make judicial decisions in many of the countries in which we operate difficult to predict and make effective redress uncertain.

Table of Contents We may from time to time receive notices with respect to violations of our licenses. Legal and Regulatory Risks. Our goal is to ultimately reduce the ratio of our capital expenditure to revenues over time by deploying capital more efficiently through increased network sharing, continued business portfolio optimization and capital structure optimization.

Our failure to comply reporr anti-corruption laws applicable to us could result in penalties which could harm our reputation and have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition, results of operations and prospects.

If this were to occur, we may choose to adopt lower tariffs, offer handset subsidies or increase dealer commissions, any or all of which could materially adversely affect our business, financial condition, results of operations and prospects.