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Midnight: A Gangster Love Story originally scheduled to be published October 14 , , is a novel by Sister Souljah that was published November 4, Sister Souljah, hip-hop generation best selling author, activist, recording artist, and film producer, is one of the most powerful and meaningful persons speaking . Sister Souljah – Books. A MOMENT OF SILENCE: MIDNIGHT III – THE COLDEST WINTER EVER – MIDNIGHT: A GANGSTER LOVE STORY – MIDNIGHT.

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This novel also helped me to understand why black men settle down with women outside of their race. He buys a house for them and his mother and sister. While in America, a land where they are able to start their own business, find jobs, housing and gradual acceptance they constantly criticize and berate every person on their block and in the country. Why were his pants and the condom wrapper up in the bedroom, same like it would be if two lovers met in a secret rendezvous?

But when it’s all you know and are used to, it comes naturally. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Even with her poor explanations of why Midnight kills people, she acts as if murder is something easy and common. There were many instances where the reading caused my thinking to wonder I was happy that Sister Souljah took it back to his beginning. View all 9 comments.

With Midnight it came natural and allowed me to love this book. And, um, do a bunch of other stuff not fourteen-ish. I have conflicted feelings about this book.

He escorts his mother to work and back every day on the subway, then returns home where he home schools himself. No trivia or quizzes yet. Later, Midnight meets a young woman named Akemi, sidta is an art prodigy from Japan who takes advanced-placement classes at Pratt Institute. She captivated me with the best elements of any book- characters, relationships and the setting.

Other books in the series. I find it hard to mifnight that there wasn’t a single decent black woman in all of Brooklyn. Again, without a clear purpose for the argument she is making through this story, I cannot pass this book along to my students and feel comfortable with them reading it.


Anyone Male looking for a positive message about what being a Man is all about. Sep 23, Thomas Keech rated it did not like midinght Recommends it for: Sister Souljah makes some pretty scathing and candid remarks via Midnight’s character.

And if she hated it, why was she still fucking him? Val Sistah Souljah starts off speaking about Midnight’s family–Umma mom and dad midniyht his family off to U. Perhaps one of the more interesting aspects of the book is looking at Black America through the eyes of an African Muslim.

What happened to his Father? See More New Releases.

‘Midnight: A Gangster Love Story’ by Sister Souljah

I loved it and I’m in a hurry to start the second book: I have a lot of unanswered questions! There are also all the times when Midnight had discussions about marrying a non-Muslim and how it is OK because the woman will always follow the man’s lead. Turned out to be a strong, intelligent, family oriented I loved this book! I find it comical that many are willing to suspend belief when reading other books and accept things like drug dealers that become instant millionaires, virgins turned into skilled sex kittens overnight, expert marksmen who have never used a gun, folks being shot several times and never dying, folks coming back to life after dying, high-speed chases, no federal indictments or jail time, sex with no consequences and beauty everywhere.

Are they going to move into the house? The way that they connected was something i cant explain. I hate to quit on a book, but Souljah’s self-righteous muse is making me find The author wants you to believe: It is socially irresponsible.

He plays basketball with some friends and, while trying out for a more formal league, shows he is the best player by sinking 19 three-point shots in a row. It is embarrassing and disgusting– the portrayal of Americans and blacks in general in this book is outrageous and false.

This isn’t a book I would recommend for those who want exhiliration, heavy sex, or a raw taste of the streets. His father provides him with a veil of privilege and deep, devoted love, but he never hides the truth about the fierce challenges of the world outside of his estate. Me being a women that grew up in the street of brooklyn with The book starts off slow, with to much details, but like i said earlier while reading it, i understood why she did it and the main reason is to teach us while we read.


‘Midnight: A Gangster Love Story’ by Sister Souljah

A All American-born black women are amoral, undignified, greedy, and insolent. See great eBook deals. Her main character loves his women but treats them as precious objects that he has to protect. While also giving me information about a different culture that I didn’t know anything about. I was mesmerized by the character Umma, an amazingly strong female character who provides for her family by working at a factory and then creating custom Sudanese garments on the side.

I felt so many ways when I read this book.

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Others were also upset because they thought that this would be a Coldest Winter pt 2 but had they read the synopsis then they would’ve known this wasn’t the case. Retrieved from ” https: And with the explicit sex scenes, its even more unforgiving that she insisted on making him We already know how this prequel will end.

So Midnight is some kind of super boy and at the age of seven finds housing, a job for him and his mother and everything, oh by the way he is also a ninja in training and souljsh at basketball LOL.

If nothing more, I think it is a rally to “wake up” and heed the message s that call for self-examination and reflection. For women he is a dream and destination.

The aut Know that feeling when a book is sistx good that you take your time, savoring its contents and digesting the many messages woven in its pages?

I found myself thinking at a much deeper level about topics the author weaves into the plot.