November 28, 2018


Midnight: A Gangster Love Story originally scheduled to be published October 14 , , is a novel by Sister Souljah that was published November 4, Sister Souljah, hip-hop generation best selling author, activist, recording artist, and film producer, is one of the most powerful and meaningful persons speaking . Sister Souljah – Books. A MOMENT OF SILENCE: MIDNIGHT III – THE COLDEST WINTER EVER – MIDNIGHT: A GANGSTER LOVE STORY – MIDNIGHT.

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Thirdly, he is great at everything: I thought it was filthy Her “raw and true voice” Publishers Weekly will both soothe and arouse you.

The Midnight Series Books by Sister Souljah from Simon & Schuster

Unfortunately, what came next was zouljah further vilification of women without any apparent understanding of overarching societal issues that someone with Souljah’s experience should have. She soljah a sixteen-year-old Japanese girl who happens to be a world renowned artist and the daughter of the wealthiest industrialist in Japan. Beyond the decidedly misogynistic viewpoint, the main character is some sort of untouchable super being.

And how is this character going to ultimately fall in love with Sister Soulja remember the love letters Winter found in Soulja’s room from Midnight?

I finished the novel, things that were discernible were teenagers at fourteen married, owning a home, and running a business is unreal.

Sister Souljah makes some pretty scathing and candid remarks via Midnight’s character. The contrast does well for the plot, as the reader is led to wonder how a 7-year old boy refused to cave sistx to the ‘easy life’, despite threats he faced at his sizta.


It is embarrassing and disgusting– the portrayal of Americans and blacks in general in this book is outrageous and false. Eventually, his sister is born and our protagonist takes up huge responsibilities.

This book is difficult for me to assess.

Sister Souljah – Books

All folks heard were words like, “Sister Souljah,” “a new book,” and that the title was “Midnight,” and it was assumed it would be a sequel. Other books in the series.

The problem is that, in the past, Souljah has explicitly presented herself as a kind of moral teacher, and there’s no reason to believe she’s about to stop. This is a wonky, middle-aged white man’s review of a book that is none of those things. I’m not sure why Soulja doesn’t have it in her to develop a strong black American female character, but I should introduce her to my circle of friends.

In the streets of Brooklyn, a young Suoljah uses his Islamic mind-set and African intelligence to protect the ones he loves, build a business, reclaim sisat wealth and status, and remain true to his beliefs. Though Midnight was different intellectually- I found my self reading it again. There are lots of really great books that are hundreds and hundreds of pages long, but what makes this book different is that the ending is incredibly unsatisfying.


Will Umma designs blow up!! Their Believes were beautiful although there were somethings i did not agree with but i soujlah agree with most of it.

Sister Soulja used the entire novel to degrade African Americans and question their Christianity. I just finished this book.

Perhaps one of the more interesting aspects of the book is looking at Black America through the eyes of an African Muslim. Retrieved from ” https: Turned out to be a strong, intelligent, family oriented Arabic young man.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Implausible events and a soukjah tedious. Also, Midnight came across as extremely arrogant even to his own kind. That is exactly what I felt with this book. Holiday Hacks By Keith Bradford.

Welcome to the Sista Souljah Fan Site!

Jul 01, Jaree Francis rated it it was amazing. I enjoyed following the day to day in the life of Midnight because although I see and hear about the people he ran into I don’t stop and dwell into their lives but Souljah let me in a little more through her writing. Know that feeling when a book is so sisga that you take your time, savoring its contents and digesting the many messages woven in its pages?