December 5, 2018


Subhash Palekar-Zero Budget Spiritual Farming. K likes. Subhash Palekar invented Zero Budget Spiritual Farming which is the best way of farming ever. ACTION RESEARCH REPORT ON SUBHASH. PALEKAR’S ZERO BUDGET NATURAL FARMING. – By nda Babu*. 1. Introduction. Our country has . Popularity of ZBSF need to done with farmers and consumers simultaneously I am of opinion that right now its more focussed on farmers and less on consumers .

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Therefore, he embarked on a research on the natural growth of forest trees to fully understand the phenomenon. They thought that this Indian farmer sows his own seeds, which gives fewer yields.

With zero-cost methods, this 68-year-old scientist is fighting farmer suicides in Vidarbha

Is Green Revolution a revolution? They thought that if they give such a miraculous variety that yields forty to fifty quintals faming paddy, then the farmers will definitely purchase this hybrid variety.

It will contribute to breaking the vicious cycle of poverty and indebtedness and will act as a safeguard, making farmers self-sustainable and financially independent in the truest sense. The increasing human diseases like Cancer, Aids, Diabetics, and Heart attacks are the outcomes of the Green Revolution.

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On subash JuneSri. And as the land becomes barren, the crops grown in it will affect from diseases. None of the youth from village will go for agriculture.

Subhash Palekar

Therefore, that money will flow buudget cities. They thought if they want to exploit the framers then they must commit the farmers for purchasing. Subhash Palekar has been appointed as advisor to the state of Andhra Pradesh for Zero Budget Farming with the aim of encouraging natural farming.

But these hybrid seeds are developed in such a manner that they have no resistance power against insects and diseases. The aim of Green Revolution was to commit the farmers or villagers to purchase every commodity from cities.


They destroyed our ancient medicinal practices like Aurveda, Homeopathy, Unani therapy, Twelve Kshar method etc, which were more effective than this allopathic. What about human health? But the God has not given them creation power.

They made the laws such that if budgdt farmer fails to return the loan, their property will be seized and he will loose his self-respect. But, do not worry. Secondly, they divided the judiciary system into various fractions as District Court, High Court, Supreme Court etc so that it will take more time to get the justice, the villagers will have to come to city repeatedly, and the money will flow towards cities.

So that our fzrming power will be loosed and disease will affect us.

If we want to restrict the suicides then we have to give the farmers such technique, in which there will be no need to take debt to the farmers. Giving increasingly debt to the farmers is not the solution for suicides.

Buxget the days when the entire nation was swept by the rewards of Green Revolution, there were a few others who were quick to notice the perils of the disguised boon. Exploitation can only be of the agriculture and rural economy. They will run towards cities in search of jobs. And even if it was there, it was in much less number. That means if they want to increase their wealth then they have to robbed or exploit someone.

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This system was well known that the farmers do not purchase anything from the city. No commodity was purchased from outside except salt. This exploiters system destroyed these rural industries by bringing cheaper items by means of Industrial Revolution. Therefore, they started banks, credit societies. However, subhzshit began to decline. The output of the Green Revolution is only destruction – the destruction of soil, water, environment and zeroo health.

Zero Budget Spiritual Farming. He has his own seeds. He realised that it was false premises of chemical farming on which Green Revolution was based. There were about research projects during this six years of research work.


Friends, Green Revolution is being called as a revolution. A trap of co-operative societies and District co-operative banks was created for giving debts to the farmers. Our central government had given the package of thousand crore rupees to restrict the suicides. Rich in experience from working with different NGOs, she likes to write about concrete social issues and new-age change makers. And whenever he comes to cities for purchasing, money will flow from village to cities and then ultimately to the exploiter system.

How this Green Revolution is created? How it can be called as revolution? God had given a wonderful gift of resistance power to the human being. He will come to city for purchasing this costlier hybrid seeds and money will flow towards city from villages.

They want to budfet themselves at the top. Therefore, aero thought why not to give them this seeds, chemical fertilizers, insecticides, and subhasy on loan.

Then the farmers have to purchase the poisonous insecticides and fungicides to control the diseases. After searching the causes for three years he concluded Agriculture science is based on false philosophy and zubhash repetitive practices with little or no evidence of such practice being superior to natural farming methods.

And if it is so, then this Green Revolution is not a revolution. Again, they thought that this farmer is so poor that he has no purchasing power. While practising fromhe was writing articles in media also. He was awarded India’s fourth highest civilian award the Padma Shri in [2]. He was searching for the absolute truth.