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+ Sybase Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: How do I tell which tables have Search and apply jobs on Sybase including Sybase DBA, Sybase . Sybase Interview Questions and Answers. Are you a Database Administrator? Need to update DBA technical knowledge or need to prepare for a job interview?. DBA Job Interview Questions and Answers – Tasks a DBA should do in Sybase – Sybase Interview Questions and Answers.

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So there can be only one clustered index per table. The opinions expressed here represent our own and not those of my any past and present employer. Availability is a key requirement on which ASE has always placed utmost importance.

If the database corrupted, then we can repair through dbcc dbrepair. Explain about Mirror Activator Disk mirroring? Is there any disadvantage of splitting up your application data into a number of different dbs Ans–a you can use holdlock at the end of the query.

During in-house testing we have seen writes go down as much as. No; in older Sybase versions 4. This table existed is master database.

ajd Log suicide ingerview highly risky, and is not recommended except in extreme cases. An application with large resource requirements could hog the tempdb and cause. Also, datapages locking has other advantages over all pages, such as not locking index pages, update statistics running at level 0, and the availability of the reorg command. However, still we can get performance improvement.

Following Sybase job interview questions and answer s page is useful for job seekers to get through the job interviews.


Sybase/Unix Repository: Sybase DBA interview questions/Answers

With more than one temporary database, two important resource contention points will be. What are the most important DBA tasks? How many servers, database and concurrent users do they have? Many read transaction can be perform in a table or page while data modification will not allowed during shared lock.

Sybase Interview Questions & Answers

More tables allow better use of segments to control physical placement of data. What is data integrity types? Is there any disadvantage of splitting up your application data into a number of different databases? Give the benefits of Data integration suite? During boot time ASE drops and recreates it. It produces a lot of output, so if you need only a single piece of information, such as the number of pages in the table, other.

Likewise,online recovery ensures that any changes recorded in the log for committedtransactions that have not yet been flushed to disk are updated on the datapages and written to disk by rolling forward the transactions. Fast bcp might enhance performance; however, slow bcp gives you greater data recoverability.

This will also set the valid trunc marker. A user executing set proxy or set session authorization operates with both the login and server user ID of the user being impersonated. A sybasee contract is required for getting EBFs and for being able to ask questions about technical problems. If you query the monitoring tables, answeds have not enabled all. This tool can be used to see if your caches are performing well and which objects are present in cache.

When time permits Talk to the application developers. Whats is HA in Sybase?


Sybase Blog -Anything About Sybase ASE,REP,IQ.

How can I return number of rows that are returned from a niterview query without using a temporary table? Exclusive locks are held on all affected pages until an explicit transaction or a command in the implicit transaction is complete. What difference between sysmon and MDA table? What is isolation level in ASE? In both cases, the speed of copying the data depends on whether there is a suitable index for retrieving the rows. First I will intimate to all the application mangers and they will send an alert message to all the users regarding the down time.

Display all security-related information for logins and roles. How questionns perform bcp in? Top Ten Crucial table in master questiojs Scenario If an application makes multiple statement and each statement calls to a specific stored procedure. It contain all allotted role information which is mapped to each login.

How can we avoid fragmentation in table? For example, to see if the secondary truncation point is set in the Parts database: As we know, every database contains sysusers table which contains the user information, and in the table each uid link with syslogins. In my opinion, these are in order of importance: What do you mean by query optimization?

What is Replication Server in Sybase? Reduce the number of concurrent calls to stored procedure. Isolation level are of 4 types.