November 25, 2018


the basics of constructing a simple roadway project using Terramodel. We will detail your alignment conforms to this tutorial and you therefore achieve the. Training Guide, Basic Terramodel Concepts. It applies to version of the. TerramodelĀ® software. The following limited warranties give you specific legal. This is the terramodel manual. by muhamadsadiq

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Block name Specify the name of the block you want to insert. Personal tools Log in.

Objects in blocks do not retain layer names. Mode Terramodfl Break selected objects crossing the boundaries then delete all parts inside any of the boundaries. Use GC58 to remove redundant objects, for example objects that have been imported multiple times. The location of the insertion point determines whether the text is inside or outside.

The volumes are obtained by using the average-end-area method, where the area of a closed contour is determined, then averaged with an adjacent contour, and multiplied by the contour interval to obtain an terarmodel volume.

Convert 2D Super strings to plines Import 2D super strings such as cadastral boundaries as plines or as points and sets.

The settings include design speed, default cross slope, pavement and shoulder width and widening ratio. Duplicate points are removed next time you reform the DTM. Colour mapping tutroial Specify a colour mapping files with extension. Set up the surfaces using Surface Manager. If you select two points, or a set segment, and both points have elevations, you will also get the height difference, vertical angle and slope distance.


If the parent object does not have feature attributes, enter feature attribute names and values using a dialog. Contours with an elevation ending in 1 will be coloured 1, those ending in 2 will be coloured 2, and so on. Attributes are not copied. The tube is then reoriented to the last two points, and the process is repeated.

Forums Recent Posts Login Register. Enable the menu for key entry so you can then select a menu by pressing the underlined character then select an item from the menu, without using the Mouse. TERRA produces output files that contain temperature, velocity and pressure. If you do, many commands added or edited by Geocomp Systems tutorizl not run.

INI file contains user-interface settings.

The factors are measured in relation to the sizes of the original objects. Leave blank to interpolate from HAL set. COS libraries terramoodel the C: ADC format that is used by AutoDraft and cannot be edited with a text editor.

For each point on the 2D set, the new elevation is on the grade between the 3D sets, along the perpendicular bisector. The Geocomp Update uses these function keys to toggle on off the display of point numbers F7markers F8elevations F9 and names F Change the colour of plines, with elevations, within each normal contour interval, to the next colour number.


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Create up to four new attribute tutoriao for an object: Delete all blocks with missing block definitions and all text linked to missing external text files. Analyse road surface, compute geometry and design road resurfacing Kjell Tuominen 4 years ago. Move Pt Move the end of the set or pline segment.

You have the following options: TV Terramodel Visualizer is a separate application that also displays Terramodel project files in perspective and in movies with titorial, sets, multiple surfaces, textured regions, trees and draped orthophotos. After several attempts this has failed everytime, has anybody had to do this before? Please Login or Register.

Terramodel Cross Section

The elevation on the new point is the average of the elevations extrapolated along the slopes of the two triangles adjacent to the DTM edge point.

Incremental volumes are then added together to obtain a total volume. Click on Close to close the command. Many commands and menu items in the Geocomp Update rely on these aliases.