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The Koehler method of guard dog training; has 35 ratings and 6 reviews. Aaron said: It’s hard to give this book a scale review as I have strong and mixed. F “Best 1 Dog Book of the Year’ – Dog ttritm Aasocailon o 4 h America m!&i The Koehler Method of GUARD DOG Pmonai md Itomw Prvlerlion Maatochoo** tram . 21 May The Hardcover of the The Koehler Method of Guard Dog Training by William R. Koehler at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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If lightly agitated in the apparent hope that he will “bite lightly,” he will have a half-hearted attitude that will soon fade to nothing. These jobs vary some in the amount and type of agitation thateach will need, but at least the first 4 levels are basic to each of them. He is discriminating in his enforcement as well as in his decisions. Last one Free shipping. Delegate to the Southern California Obedience Council 5 years.

KoehlerHardcover, Reprint. When he has had such training, he is one of the greatest of all dogs. Trying to shorten the period of adjustment tje forcing yourself on moehler dog will only jeopardize your chances of establishing the best relationship with him. Great Pyrenees Well able to take extremes of weather, the Great Pyrenees makes an excellent guard, excepting those individuals who seem utterly lacking in responsibility to guard their homes, much less stay there.

For example, at the first session, if a shabbily dressed agitator approaches the dogin a peculiar, uncertain manner, and the dog does no more than show suspicion, the man immediately retreats. Introduction of foundation work with a longed line, in conjunction with a complete absence of oral communication, as an emphatic means of instilling attentiveness into a dog.

Oct 03, Aaron rated it it was ok Shelves: In the event of law suits, his classification of “attack-trained” would prejudice a court. They are interested in temperament and may be able to tell you about common faults and virtues that they have observed in certain lines of dogs.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever A large percentage of Chesapeake Bay Retrievers have the protectiveness and determination to be man-stoppers as well as the physical ability to do a good job.


The constant security and peace of mind that a dog of proven reliability can bring to a home has caused thousands of family heads to ask how they may procure and maintain dogs of predictable effectiveness for the protection of home, yard, automobile, and boat.

The Koehler Method of Guard Dog Training by William R. Koehler (1967, Hardcover, Reprint)

This proposition will scare away those breeders who have nothing to offer but their own emotions. Skip to main content.

You can better view the dog standing and fraining if he can be maneuvered as you request. If the dog shows enough responsibility to concern himself with each separate arrival, he is worth a trial if you’ve ot that he qualifies in other respects. Gain and hold this perspective. Males often stand as high as 27 inches at the shoulder, which is about an inch higherthan the females’ height.

The Standard demands that the dog give the impression of tremendous power combined with freedom of movement for his height.

Full text of “THE KOEHLER METHOD OF Guard Dog Training”

And just so you aren’t worried about your ‘deadly weapon’ you can use a long-barreled air gun. In most cases, a dog of less than a year could not reasonably be subjected to the testing and training for police work. It discusses selecting the appropriate dog and training techniques. There is no indecision to encourage the pack, only the certainty in the way his alerted dog squares off to meet the first aggressive move. Take the dog to your place when your schedule will permit you to spend at least a couple of days with him without having to leave for more than a few hours.

The Koehler Method of Dog Training, Book Store

He won’t leave the baby and run out toward the road to investigate the waving motions of a surveyor. Buy for Dads birthday. Return to Book Page. Boxer A good Boxer who has had the amount of obedience training necessary to bring about his full development can be a companionable dog with the courage and substance to be a man-stopper.

See that he’s equipped with a strong collar, preferably of the mettle-training kind, and a heavy leather training leash six feet long. Males 27 to 29 inches, and females about 3 inches less. Woodside at that time was on the edge of a primitive area, with houses far apart; any chases were certain to be over a lot of geography and any shots pretty apt to be long ones.


Any exceptions to these generalities will be explained in the proper places. A few moments’ thought will show anyone why the speed of a dog can be a tremendous factor, physically and psychologically, in those instances where a suspect must be apprehended while on foot.

Fredrick rated it really liked it May 11, A record of effectiveness and provision for the physical welfare of dogs that has caused his formats and training methods to be adopted by more obedience clubs than those of any other trainer in this region.

Good examples would be a city yard in which equipment is maintained or industrial yards at times when the employees are not present.

For your convenience in seeking such information, it is advisable to consider dogs according to the groups to which they belong. In view of this fact, it might be well for you to equip yourself with a book listing the breed standards of perfection for each of the breeds you examine.

Continue to think of prospects from the standpoint of future usefulness, so that you won’t be influenced by that puppy appeal which sometimes promises things that never materialize. The chief compares them, too-whe never laments are raised against his policies. The proper tests for the essentials of temperamentwill not be casual-don’t you be casual in applying them. The dog whose sole function is to give alarm.

But when one is highly protective, he can back up his oversized mouth with a courage that is equally large and spell trouble with an authority that makes him double as a threat dog.