December 7, 2018


Written by Brian Tracy, narrated by Brian Tracy. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial. Learn how to attract luck in every area of your life with Brian Tracy’s The Luck Factor. The key to understanding the factor of luck is to be aware of the Law of Probabilities. This law says that there is a certain probability of any event occurring.

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Nov 29, Leah Nadeau rated it it was amazing Shelves: By concentrating on several ‘luck factors’ – key areas of your life that in To some people, success is based on luck, a random whim of fate, a chance roll of the dice.

Knowledge and know-how are the keys to success. He has traveled and worked in over 80 countries on six continents, and speaks four languages.

Listened to this on tape. The faster you move, the more energy you have. By mastering tbe factors that influence luck, you can increase the probability that you will be in the right place at the right time to accomplish the things that are most important to you.

Feb 02, Kenan Hodzic rated it it was amazing.

The Luck Factor by Brian Tracy

As you become absolutely clear about your goals and aspirations, the dimmer switch is turned on to full brightness and the dartboard becomes crystal clear in every detail. Matthew Marroquin rated it really liked it Jun 23, What some call luck is just a matter of preparation for success.


In every case, a positive person activates the Law of Attraction and draws people and circumstances into yracy or her life in harmony with his or her best interests.

Marko rated it it was amazing Jan 08, If you do many different things then you are very likely to be at the right place at the right time. Jul 17, Richard rated it it was amazing.

Quotes from The Luck Factor. Youll be brlan successful than ever before-and people will call you lucky. Ronnyaurelius rated it liked it May 19, Your likelihood of hitting a bullseye on such a dartboard is vastly greater than if you were throwing darts from a great distance in a darkened room.

How to Be Lucky and Create the Life of Your Dreams

Here’s the thesis, as set forth by Brian Tracy: Return to Book Page. The more definite you are about what you want, the more alert and aware you will be of opportunities and possibilities to achieve it faster. So, imagine that this luck factor is like a dimmer switch in darkened room where you are going to throw darts.

I’d recommend it – but keep in mind, I didn’t sit down and read this. Even the level of ignorance and the brrian This is another one in the long list of Prosperity Gospels.

I am going to introduce you to seven of the most helpful ways to be lucky, all of which are learnable by you. They work longer hours through the day and into the evening.


They get up early in the morning and they start faster. I will certainly be listening to this one again.


I liked it better that way than if I’d have grabbed the book, I think. When you become known as a person of honor, of quality, of truth, you fator attract luck into your life the way that honey attracts bees or the way that the moth is attracted to the flame. The more you get done, the more you come to the attention of people who can open doors for you and help you to rise up even further and faster.

He is the top selling author of over 45 books that have been translated into dozens of languages. Learning how to be lucky is easier than you might thinkā€¦.

The Luck Factor

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. When tacy resolve to be impeccably honest with yourself and others, you put yourself into a group apart from the ordinary. When you see yourself as completely in charge of your own life, your own career, your own health, your own family and your own finances, you stop looking for others to do things for you.