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The Orion Mystery. Unlocking the Secrets of the Pyramids. Unlocking the Secrets of the Pyramids. By Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert. Buy The Orion Mystery: Unlocking the Secrets of the Pyramids by Robert Bauval, Adrian Gilbert (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday. The Orion Mystery has ratings and 42 reviews. by Arthur C. Clarke The Sirius Mystery by Robert K.G. Temple The Orion Mystery by Robert Bauval.

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Evidence of a master plan is lacking.

The Orion Mystery: Unlocking the Secrets of the Pyramids

It was like standing in a damp, dim concrete room, like a change-room at a public swimming pool, with the big, plain stone “sarcophagus” looking more like a broken watering trough for livestock. The unexamined assumption that the pyramids served originally as tombs when, in fact, there has been no hard evidence for this hypothesis.

There he Bauval looks at the night sky and from there he changes to way we look at ancient Egypt. Kay rated it liked it. Rather, they were a system to ensure the flight of the dead pharaoh’s soul to the stars, and his rebirth as the next pharaoh.

The basis of this theory concerns the proposition that the relative positions of three main Ancient Egyptian pyramids on the Giza plateau was by design correlated with the relative positions of the three stars in the constellation of Orion which make up Orion’s Belt— as these stars appeared in 10, BC.

These propositions and other theories are used to support the overall belief in an advanced and ancient, but now vanished, global progenitor civilization. That they do rather convincingly.

The Orion Mystery by Robert Bauval, Adrian Gilbert |

Buy books at Amazon. Details the vandalism of Egyptian bauvwl and suppression of ancient knowledge under foreign rulers who sought to cleanse Egypt of its pagan past. Krupp presented a counterpoint to the objections, that Bauval stated had been made by the late Dr.

Ditto for the astronomy, although the basics seemed reasonable. In other words, the ancient Egyptians, taking the Nile as rbert baseline, mapped the heavens and seasons upon the earth, this mapping suggesting a good deal not only about their belief system, but also providing many testable hypotheses for not only dating known structures but also for seeking lost ones.

Engineer and rogue Egyptologist, Robert Bauval, and astrophysicist Thomas Brophy present anthropological, climatological, archaeological, geological, and genetic research supporting this hugely debated theory, and place black Africa back in its rightful place at the very center of mankind’s origins and civilization.


Imhotep the African describes how Imhotep was the ancient link to the birth of modern civilization, restoring him to bauvxl proper place at the center of the birthing of Egyptian, and world, civilization.

The author argues his opinions very well and backs up his claims with solid references.

They were geniuses of the universe. What are they looking for? The movement expounded the return of the “true religion of the world” based on a form of natural magic that could draw down the powers of the heavens and incorporate them into statues and physical structures.

And what could be the function, practical or symbolic, behind these mysterious alignments? Exploring the many cycles of destruction and suppression in Egypt as well as moments of salvation, such as the first registered excavations by Auguste Mariette, Robert Bauval and Ahmed Osman investigate the many conquerors of Egypt through the millennia as well as what has happened to famous artifacts such as the Rosetta Stone.

Using astronomical data mmystery stellar movement, they argue that the Orion stars coincide exactly with the pyramids’ positions in approximately 10, b.

The authors orioj the the mysterious Nabta Playa ceremonial mystrey and its stone calendar circle and megaliths, and put forward the solid hypothesis that an advanced civilization of bauvak Africans settled in the Sahara long before Pharaonic Egypt existed.

But a “master plan” would hardly have been necessary.

They author had a great understanding of the life they lived and translated their ancient papyrus. It posits that there is a correlation between the location of the three largest pyramids of the Giza pyramid complex and Orion’s Belt of the constellation Orionand that this correlation was intended as such by the original builders of the Giza pyramid complex. O King, mgstery are this great star, the companion of Orion, who traverses the sky with Orion, who navigates the Netherworld with Osiris; you ascend from the east of the sky, being rejuvenated at your due season and rejuvenated at your due time.

It was like standing in a damp, dim concrete room, like a vauval at a public swimming pool, with the big, plain My personal introduction to the Great Pyramid of Giza was in Januarywhen I traveled to Egypt. It was the first I’d ever heard of the phenomenal physical properties of the Pyramid and its encoding of a orbert of mathematical and astronomical quantities and proportions, including roberr of pi and phi the irrational quantity that generates the Golden Sectionaccurate lengths of the tropical, sidereal, and anomalistic years, and accurate representations of the Earth’s polar and equatorial radii–among many other things.


I started reading and quickly became fascinated and excited. It sent a huge shock-wave of controversy throughout the scientific community, the effects of which are still felt today.

No, really, I mean it. Aug 22, Pages Buy. What lies behind the mysterious door discovered at the end of a previously unexplored shaft deep inside the Great Pyramid?

The fact that right oruon at this time we would not be able to build a pyramid with the technology available makes it inconceivable that a primitive culture could have built the pyramids. Even before the burning of the Great Library at Alexandria, the land of the pharaohs was pillaged by its own people.

View all 3 comments. Nov 03, Pages. Thhe the Great Pyramid just a tomb or does it serve a higher purpose rohert a lost science of immortality? These views have bauva almost universally rejected by mainstream Egyptologists who, together with a number of geologists including James Harrell, Lal Gauri, John Mystry. Most famously, Robert M. The theory was first published in in Discussions in Egyptologyvolume No trivia or quizzes yet.

Bauval stated that some astronomers including Archie Roy of the University of Glasgow have rejected Krupp’s argument. They mysfery how the current Islamic rulers are actively working to eradicate all traces of Egypt’s spiritual roots, the source of the Western Mystery tradition. Revealing the magical architectural plan masterminded by the Renaissance’s greatest minds, including Bernini, Jesuit scholars, Queen Christine of Sweden, and several popes, the authors expose the ultimate heresy of all time blessed by the Vatican itself.

Refresh and try again. Egyptology and archaeological science maintain that available evidence indicates that the Giza pyramids were constructed during the Fourth dynasty period 3rd millennium BC [9]while the exact date of the Great Sphinx is still unclear. Peter’s Square to reflect the esoteric principles of the Hermetica and how the square is a detailed robrt of the heliocentric system. Read Heaven’s Mirror too.

Both The Orion Mystery pp. In short, the chamber, like the rest of the innards of the Pyramid, robet a feeling of functionalityeven if it was impossible to guess what that function was. These questions have collectively earned the title ” Riddle of the Sphinx “, a nod to its Greek namesake, although this phrase should not be confused with the original Greek legend.