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A Student Casebook | Anyone who enjoys literary criticism but has their doubts about some of it will find The Pooh Perplex hilariously funny. Buy The Pooh Perplex New edition by Frederick Crews (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. The Pooh Perplex Critique of Sigmund Freud. Essays on American literature. Scientific career. Fields, American literature. Institutions, University of California, Berkeley. Frederick Campbell Crews (born ) is an American essayist and literary critic. Professor.

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No trivia or quizzes yet. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? There is, of course, Franz Kafka, a worthy candidate in all three respects. This is not so much a tbe of my knowing a bit more about what he’s satirising as an indication that the critical world has gone bonkers in the intervening decades, and the only proper response is mockery. Moral Drama in the Later Novels tne Henry James pkoh, was based on a prize-winning essay written by Crews while an undergraduate student at Yale University, initially published as part of a series.

There was the Freudian analysis and others whose views I have happily suppressed!! Each of the twelve essays utilize a different argumentative technique to show the vacuousness of many thinkers out there. Shaggy Muses Maureen Adams. Particularly I enjoyed the “essay” by the critic who basically thought all English literature was unreadable, except D.

A satiro-comical Tao of Pooh for the lit-theory set. Aug 18, Sarah rated it really liked it.

English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh. The Pooh Perplex Frederick Crews University of Chicago PressFeb 14, – Literary Criticism – pages 2 Reviews In this devastatingly funny classic, Frederick Crews skewers perpleex ego-inflated pretensions of the schools and practitioners of literary criticism popular in the s, including Freudians, Aristotelians, and New Critics.

Frederick Crews

From the overly jargon-laid write-up, to the tabloid style, to the phallus, the greatest hits of poohh fails are paraded out for the purpose of exposing Winnie the Pooh as the most debaucherous or complex or covert piece pdrplex literature since Homer.


Ought to be required reading for every pretentious smarty-pants guilty hereif only to teach them to laugh at themselves more often. Aug 29, Kate rated it it was ok. I was reading a Signet Classic of the play and along with lots of great footnotes and translations of obscure or redundant vocabulary, they had kindly printed several critical essays.

Of course, Crews perp,ex not identify them, but he does reveal them: I found it in a thrift shop and fell in love.

The Pooh Perplex (Frederick Crews) – book review

The joke is a stab at Renee Fredrickson, who in a real book cited here, Repressed Memories: To ask other readers questions about The Pooh Perplexplease sign up. He used the typical freshman composition casebook structure, essay plus questions for discussion, which would permit the student to “become more and more broadminded as time goes by” as long as he doesn If only I had discovered this book when I was in graduate school, a lot of things would have been clearer.

I think that it would have greatly benefited from more footnotes, especially since the “voices” seemed to know that they were far more educated than their audience. And then there are the Academic Literary Critics!!! And you can imagine, or rather Crews does for you, what a queer theorist makes of “So Pooh pushed and pushed and pushed his way through the hole.

In fact, I once read a serious article in which a teache A highly amusing satire of academic bookchat. University of Missouri Press.

Jul 07, Nancy rated it liked it. The Perils of Humanism. The Pooh Perplex by Frederick C. In fact, I once read a serious article in which a teacher applied all the various literary theories in order to interpret the story of the Three Pigs. Another favorite was the Marxist criticism of Winnie the Pooh, which includes such great descriptions as one of “Pooh Goes Visiting,” “in which Rabbit, having deceitfully offered Pooh admittance to sample his overstocked larder, artfully traps peeplex victim in the doorway and exploits him as an unsalaried towel rack for an entire week.


Hilarious, and yet a little close to the bone if you spend a lot peeplex time in English departments. Milne had a phobia of bears signifying even deeper sexual obsessions in the subconsciouswhile a Marxian “critic” finds bourgeoisie prejudices through which the ultimate, “inspiring” triumph of socialist ideals still comes through, and yet another manages to demonstrate that Christopher Robin pwrplex an enemy of everything that is decent, alive, and morally serious.

InCrews joined the UC Berkeley English Department, where he taught for 36 years before retiring as its chair in Feb 22, Graychin rated it liked perlex. My only complaint is with the sheer unreadability of the book at times.

The Pooh Perplex

Attempts to answer in a scholarly way why Winnie the Pooh is inherently revered by modern children and adults. Presents some perculiar literary points of viewbut the the question is really never answered. The Critics Bear It Away: Frederick Campbell Crews born is an American essayist and literary critic.

As the poh Tom Tthe remarks, Crews “has fashioned arguments that are loopy for sure, but work”. I loved the translated section that retained all of the grammar form its original language. It’s crazy out there, and this book reminds us of it. This edition contains a new preface by the author that compares literary theory then and now and identifies some of the real-life critics who were spoofed in certain chapters.

Note to yhe Edition Preface Paradoxical Persona: Without being able to check the assertions in the essays against the text didn’t have WTP handy I had to evaluate them just against a my general knowledge and common sense. It was reasonably amusing, and I still have the book somewhere. Crews’s repeated message to literary critics is to be critical of their own interpretation when per;lex statements about the meaning of a work.

Journal of Business Communication.