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An interpretative translation by Shaykh Tosun Bayrak of Sirr al-Asrar by Hadrat Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani (AD), considered by many to be one of the. The Secret of Secrets by Sheihk Abdul Kadir Jilani – Download as Word Doc . doc He is Sayyid Shaikh Muhyi ‘d-Din ‘Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani (may Allah sanctify . 31 Dec The Paperback of the Secret of Secrets by Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani, Hadrat Abdul- Qadir Al-Jilani, Hadrat’Abd A. Al-Jilani | at Barnes & Noble.

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I told her what had happened to me. Beliau sangat memahama Buku yang benar-benar mengungkap tabir rahasia misteri kehidupan! All this will begin when the mirror of your heart is cleansed.

My servant, if you wish to enter the sanctuary of My intimacy, do not pay attention either to this world or to the higher world of the angels, not even to the higher realms where you may receive My divine attributes.

Neither his school nor its vicinity could contain his followers. The pure believers, the true servants of Allah, are in altogether a different state. qdair

I yearn for the ones who will not see me. Buku ini juga berulang kali mengingatkan bahwa seorang kekasih Allah pun adalah manusia yang merupakan percampuran sifat yang berlawanan dari Allah. When the outer and the inner become one and wisdom and religion unite, one reaches the level of truth, like the fruit tree that first abdil leaves, then buds, and then flowers that become fruit.

Feb 02, Kassim Abdurahim marked it as to-read Shelves: Like the date-tree whose roots are firm in escret ground, their feet are firm in this material world; and again like the date-tree, whose fronds reach high into the sky, their hearts and minds are raised to heavenly knowledge.

Although I am a man of means abdlu have all that I wish, I was never content, happy or at peace. Nonetheless the shaykh kept paying him, because he knew that he was needy.


The Secret of Secrets by Abd al-Qadir Al-Jilani (, Paperback, Reprint) | eBay

Zbdul the morning the gates were opened and he entered the Sufi lodge. It was created in the best of forms. I persevered through his obfuscatory text and got some insight.

Sad and abandoned by everybody, that very day he had vowed he would never sing to anyone but the dead. Jan 08, Rizky Firmansyah rated it it was amazing Shelves: Paperbackpages. As the shepherd held onto him, he realized that he was naked and had been transformed into a young girl!

The Secret of Secrets

Tasawuf, tapi tetap berpegang erat pada ketentuan syariat. On the level of jialni, the ego tries to push one to secrefs sainthood, even divinity — the worst sin of secet oneself up as a partner to Allah.

On its way Allah sent it first to the realm of the Causal Mind, of unity, of the Total Soul, the realm of His divine Names and attributes, the realm of the truth of Secrefs The holy spirit had with it the seed of unity.

As this event became known all over the Muslim world, all the shaykhs and teachers put their heads on the floor in great humbleness and accepted his leadership. At the beginning this remembrance can only be done outwardly, by qadit His divine Names, pronouncing them aloud so that you yourself and others can hear and remember. In other words, it has neither a beginning nor an end, and the light of which it is the source has no rising or setting.

The remembrance of the qaeir realm brings one to: On the Purification of the Self 8. Then He withholds those on whom He has passed the decree of death, and sends the others back till an appointed 14 Man’s Return Home to the Original Source term. They are at the level of divine wisdom, which is far higher than the best state of the ordinary man.

So also to this world belong the miracles that may appear through one: Read the Bahasa Malaysia translation of it. Apa yang dilakukan para alim ulama dan orang-orang di tingkatan-tingkatan di bawahnya dalam ibadah tersebut. It is only when all this is understood that the spiritual power and light of the mysteries of divine nature, the real truth, emanate into the world without words and without sound.


It was clothed with coarse matter in order to save this world, because the material world, if it had direct contact with the holy spirit, would burn to ashes.

He was a man of great wisdom and knowledge.

He had a soft heart, a gentle nature and a smiling face. When they heard me, their numbers increased to seventy thousand. The state of this soul is described by Allah speaking through His Prophet: He had come to the cemetery and as he sat there singing and playing his lute the grave nearest him split open! After one becomes accomplished in this, it is the turn of the inner education in the secrets whereby one enters into the realms of divine wisdom and comes to know the truth.

He remained there three years. This world is the field of the hereafter.

The Secret of Secrets by Abd al-Qadir Al-Jilani (1997, Paperback, Reprint)

This we call the true dream. And if you utter the saying aloud, surely He knows the secret and what is yet more hidden. The way to free the heart, to purify it, is to remember Allah.

These wise servants who qwdir intimates of Allah, though beautiful, are covered by the appearance of ordinary men.

Full text of “Jilani The Secret Of Secrets”

Then, coming to himself, he began to sing: He considered the ones who know and do not apply their knowledge as no better than donkeys carrying ijlani books. Segala macam ibadah kita dibahas satu demi satu mulai dari shalat, sedekah dan naik haji. View all 4 comments. Unite with Him, unite with Him, unite with Him.