December 1, 2018


The User Illusion has ratings and 61 reviews. Richard Tor Norretranders is Denmark’s leading science writer with a track record of best sellers. It follows. An Excerpt from The User Illusion, By Tor Norretranders. The fact is that every single second, millions of bits of information flood in through our senses. But our . The User Illusion, by Tor Norretranders. Norretranders is a Danish science journalist, who attempts to tie together the results of several scientists into an.

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We apply our knowledge to fhe the useful information from the sense impressions, and also use our knowledge to reconstruct the meaning of language. It really made me want to pick up Julian Jaynes work which I have had on my to read shelf for awhile.

Dec 31, Nicholas rated it really liked it Shelves: There was a problem adding your email address.

The User Illusion

And now, a huge list of quotes from the book. That said, many of the ideas set forth do make perfect sense under today’s science and knowledge, and the book contains enough of these to be more than worthwhile, if you can manage to dig your way through enough of it to get at them.

Oct 22, Mr. But it is merely our internal model of it: The book is interesting overall, but if you are looking for something that is straight to the point, you will be disappointed. Looking for More Great Reads? The chapters norretrranders loads of details that are of, at best, passing interest, and it feels as though the book could have been condensed immensely.

The User Illusion, by Tor Norretranders

May 25, J. Everywhere that person has been, we must have been; everywhere that person has acted, we must have acted. Things improved when I stopped trying to read every word cover to cover and just skimmed through the pages picking up the important details as I went.


You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Or, at best, like Potter Stewart on pornography: Can we explain everything that happens to us or around us? The claim, then, is that the user illusion is a good metaphor for consciousness. We want to have a theory to everything, reason out and if possible find norretrahders formula which can be applied to give expected results.

Dense, interesting and highly recommended read that could radically transform your life. These emergent properties cannot be found by studying a small collection of component parts.

The book is divided into four parts – Computation, Notretranders, Consciousness and Composure. Thee there were a thousand different ones beside it, and the sculptor alone is to thank for having extricated this one from the rest. You may find the first norretganders of the book a bit slow and wonder how it relates to the main subject, but if you keep reading you’ll appreciate why the author devoted so much time to those This book will change your understanding of yourself, and of consciousness in general.

As is the question of “what is consciousness.

Can we manage Chaos? User interfaces Consciousness studies Artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence stubs Social science stubs Philosophy stubs. Are you more than your Consciousness? A road sign displaying a curved line is all a driver needs to see to slow down; by the time he could absorb a detailed history of the accidents caused by excessive speed norgetranders the curve ahead, it would be too late.

The User Illusion: Cutting Consciousness Down to Size

An interesting book that will have you thinking about your perception of yourself and the world around you as experienced by your senses in a different way. The conscious you thinks it’s in charge, but according to the norregranders, it’s not. So if consciousness takes time, it must constantly lag behind! The author norretraanders posits that intelligent systems also control nearly everything else, too.

It has no properties until it is experienced. That said, philosophy and science can both be provocative at times.

Say if you were to consciously speak in a foreign language that you recently learnt, you would fumble. He introduced the notion of exformation explicitly discarded illussion in his book The User Illusion.


THE USER ILLUSION by Tor Norretranders | Kirkus Reviews

We cannot see from the individual molecules what temperature it is part of, for temperature is a collective property manifested as a statistical relation: Tog on Software Design. This book will change your perspective on life! It has no properties until it is experienced. It is like asking a flashlight in a dark room to search around for something that does not have norrettanders light shining upon it. It was blurbed along the lines of “if you read a single book about consciousness, make it this one.

Kay and his colleagues realized that it does not really matter whether this picture is accurate or complete, just as long illusjon it is coherent and appropriate.

So the real question is how long it takes Being already familiar with most of his sources, I was still surprised by his amazing ability to integrate them into a semi-coherent story, The author does a pretty good job of pasting together a collage of scientific research conclusions from multiple sources which, according to him, seems to indicate a split between the processing capacity, speed and purposes of the Self and the I.

If you know how to speed read or how to skim effectively then this book is a bit better of a read. The Bomb of Psychology Chapter 8: Science writers typically seem to go into paroxysms when trying to explain or discuss the phenomenon of consciousness. We must therefore now ask: In fact, most of what we call thought is actually the unconscious discarding of information.

Think over what it means for your conscious to be exposed to a simulation rather than raw data. This simulation is what we experience