November 24, 2018


11 Jan Hey guys! You all must have been looking for the XAT study material. Here I am uploading it for you. 1. XAT Question Paper: XAT XAT previous year question paper with answers & solutions. Solved past paper with answer key for prelims/mains exam. Detailed explanation given for all . XAT – Answer each question by darkening the appropriate alternative letter No other piece of paper is permitted to be used for rough work. 8. Use only.

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While the quant section was relatively easy, the DI xar were tough and calculative. Both the parajumbles were doable and atleast one could have been attempted. Aspirants were required to give judgment on this with appropriate justification and corroborate it with example. A score of above marks would be a very good score. The question on punctuation was doable. There were questions 3 Sections in all and the time allotted was 2hrs. Overview of Different Sections Sr.

There were 30 moderate level questions mostly from international affairs, economic and current affairs. Overall, the section was moderate to tough. The essay statement was:. Plus they had multiple statements and the right combination had to be selected.

There were 5 options for each question. Notify me when new comments are posted. The remaining 3 DI sets were huge to read and so, reading them, comprehending and then solving them took time. These two sets could have been finished in minutes and one could have scored a cool 9 marks in this. The discussions thread for the scores, predicted cut-offs, analysis and application related queries has been put up here. Data Interpretation and Quantitative Ability 43 questions, marks: That was a axt many probably missed.


Overall the section almost weighed half of the paper in terms of marks and even though most of the questions were outright undoable for an exam of 2 hours, one could have scored around in this section. The in-depth Test Analysis feature of the test series was immensely helpful for me to identify chinks in my preparation.

The study material too is quite comprehensive and sufficient for preparing for various competitions. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. The single question on the number of pieces of silver was a sitter and should have been attempted. There were two page long reading comprehension passages RC.

Ten Ways to Reduce Stress on the Job. The maximum marks for the test was with sectional split of 67, and 69 marks for Analytical Reasoning and Decision Making, Data Interpretation and Quantitative Ability xxt Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning sections respectively. There were questions on permutations and combinations out of queston a couple could be done.

MDI on fast-track achieves culmination of summer. There was no sectional time limit mentioned, as there were three sections in all with different number of questions in each section. Things you must carry for an interview. The cut-off for 95 percentile will probably hover around 14 marks and for the 90 percentile mark, it would be around 12 marks. If papet has not performed well in the essay and is expecting a call, it would be a good idea to go through the book once and try to gather ideas about the topic.

The question on functions were difficult. Verbal section consisted of Reading Comprehension, grammar, parajumbles and verbal reasoning etc.

XAT Question Paper With Solutions

The three questions on the critics were sitters while the three questions on critical reasoning were huge and so many might have left these questions. The questions on ideas implied in the passage were a bit difficult and queetion options combining the various statements made it all the more difficult. September 28th, by Shashank Prabhu. It might just save you in the interview.


Overall, this was the toughest section in the toughest paper of the season.

IIM Lucknow breaks its own record: As announced at the center, the results are to be expected by the last week of January. Unethical Food Marketing to Children.

XAT 2011 Question Paper with Solutions

It was a similar case last time around but, the results were out on 22 nd of January. The three sections were as follows: As usual XAT exam included essay writing for which 20 minutes time was allotted.

Replies to my comment. The most absurd the most weird and the toughest paper i have given in the last 3 years. The first time I was actually moved to tears. The only strategy which was required was to be persistent throughout the two hours without getting awed by the difficulty level of the paper.

Even if I had 4 hours, I would have had the same number of attempts. The XAT could be rated as a difficult paper; hence a low cut-off is expected this time. The paper was a big deviation from the reputation it has earned last few years. Get latest updates in your email. The XAT concluded on January 2,