December 12, 2018


25 Aug Here’s a zipped pdf of the new version of the Zachman Framework (with permission): ZFzip. An official version will be posted on. The thoughts expressed in this book are, in many senses, based the Zachman Framework. Figure shows the Zachman Framework (excluding the details ). 30 Aug You can download a PDF with the new framework from Ron Ross, and you can read a concise definition of the Zachman Framework on the.

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This was also a serious problem, because many EAs were building Composite models and hard-binding multiple concepts together in their Architecture, rather than separating independent variables and then integrating the variables across each Row. It has been, and will continue framewor, be critical to our thinking in the field of enterprise architecture and business architecture.

Zachman Version | Roger Evernden – Enterprise Architect

After extensive research it was also clear that the meta-model of the Framework needed looking after and further fine-tuning. John Zachman presents a very sachman argument, that is, every organization needs an Enterprise Architecture to survive. However, there is no escaping the Why column’s importance as it provides the business drivers for all the other columns.

The “diamond” is a representation of a process a verb connecting two entities nounswhich violates the later developed fundamental Framework rule that cells can only contain primitive constructs, not composites i. In other sources the Zachman Framework is introduced as a framework, originated by and named after John Zachman, represented in numerous ways, see image.


These are also a composite view because of the vertical arrows. The instance when embedded in the higher Rows will bind things together. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Accessed July 14, Willem Van der Brink.

John Zachman’s Concise Definition of The Zachman Framework™ (Commentary)

Business Process experts suggested changing the Column 2 name from Process Transformations above to Process Flows- a more descriptive representation of this column to General Management. Knowledge mngenameat is not just about technology, but technology can be used to enable knowledge mngenameat processes and practices.

Level of detail is represented in the height of each cell, i. It was a more comprehensive, holistic approach to the subject than other training.

Zachman Framework

I can recommend this seminar with enthusiasm. Re-engineering the Corporation which popularized the words ” Business Process. Baring these deficiencies however, this Framework was instantly and widely accepted as a representation for Enterprise Architecture and proliferated its way across the globe very quickly. John used the color models as a teaching tool to re-enforce the idea that each Row is different and is the result of a transformation, NOT a decomposition of detail more on this later.

The picture or model of the World map in Column 3, Row 1 Network is grossly inaccurate.

Careful reviews should be taken to assure good cooperation among culture, people, processes, and enabling technologies, which are the four pillars of Knowledge Management infrastructure.

And logicians and others who .30 into such matters have very stringent tests for such things. Now that we are in the Information Age, it is the Enterprise that is increasing in complexity and the Enterprise that is changing.


These interrogatives form the columns of the framework. Zachman, however, indicates that only the facts needed to solve the problem under analysis need be populated. This representation was most certainly the most pleasing aesthetically up to that time. IBM Systems Journalvol 26, no 3.

Notice the original title: However, this tool permitted defining entities and relationships and for defining properties upon both entities and relationships, which made it sufficient for building an EA repository, considering the technology available in early The Framework IS the ontology for describing the Enterprise.

The first is the fundamentals of communication found in the primitive interrogatives: This class has shown me the importance of getting down to the “brass tacks” of an EA, namely the Zachman primitives and their relationships. This matrix would necessarily constitute the total set of descriptive representations that are relevant for describing something Fun, informative and eye-opening.

In addition, the model in Column 5, Row 2 was changed to a “circular” icon which did not convey the idea of “event-cycle-event” very well and was subsequently changed.

KMS is an example of using technology to help an organization be more efficient and successful in their knowledge mngenameat efforts. Is The Framework a methodology? Once more I was able to pick-up new ideas and a couple of valuable best practices.