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Dinosaur Planet: Broncosaurus Rex: Core Rulebook [Joseph Goodman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Dinosaurs, the Wild West, Space. Dinosaur Planet: Broncosaurus Rex. The licensing arrangement of the D20 system helped spurn on many companies, producing items for both the existing D&D. I’ve only briefly seen a copy of the game at a con, and though I had the chance to flip through it I don’t remember too much about its metaplot.

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Broncosaurus Rex

If you guessed “Confederates”, congratulations, you aren’t blind. Some broncowaurus combat feats, an animal companion, and a dinosaur mount. Because aliens, that’s why. Torg was awesome system needed tons of streamlining. It seems that there are at least some BR-verse characters that subscribe to the Tsoukalos Method – “blame it on the aliens”. That’s a good idea.

Broncosaurus Rex PDF|Goodman Games Store

Chaotic Evil, ambush predators, and found along forested trails. Its technological prowess far outshines the Confederates’ outposts, with ironclad mechs, broncosahrus, and jeeps all being fairly common sights, but its population is decidedly smaller.

I will be referring to the creatures in this entry by their nickname, as their scientific names bear no brncosaurus as none of them actually exist and many of the scientific names in question actually make little sense when you look at what the creature in question actually looks like.

All dinosaurs, even the imbecile stegosaurs, can understand the language of Dinosaur Common, which is conveyed by postures and movements as well as by sound. Broncosaueus Save The Tecumseh Trail region encompasses most of the central Main Valley, from the namesake fort west of New Savannah to the immense bayou that is simply known as “the Bayou”.

  APM2301 PDF

The Offworlder origin is basically a catch-all for anyone outside of the three previous faction origin. Notify me of new posts via email. Dracoroc megalopteryx “Elephant Bat”; CR broncosxurus Take a rhamphorhynchid pterosaur, inflate it to the size of Pteranodonand give it the colors of a puffin, and you have broncosaurhs elephant bat.

Why can’t you be more like those heroic Confederates?! I’m sure everyone here is at least passingly familiar with Eden Studios by now. Like you know, the idea that Ireland will go all elfy on people, while South Americans will start to perform blood sacrifices.

FATAL & Friends — Dinosaur Planet: Broncosaurus Rex

A feat for 5th level or higher Machinists. I’ll be putting the Challenge Rating of each creature in parentheses beside its name. The basic premise is that the Civil War did not end as we know it, but resulted in separate Federal and Confederate nations.

They are Lawful Neutral, after all, and they even form posses! Why is it this way?

Sign up using Facebook. They are somewhat willing to form bonds with Bronco Riders, will form non-aggression pacts with settlers in exchange for sustenance, and are generally pretty chill fellows.

While I won’t be going over every NPC the book has, I will make an exception for these first tree as a general example of the kind of people you’ll be meeting in this game. So, really, this is basically a feat you only really use if you broncosajrus the DM won’t let your charaacter survive this game no matter what, and you at least want to go down swinging.


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They also happen to be the reason that the Union can’t get a greater foothold, engaging in strategic creation of avalanches and rockslides to warn non-Confederate humans that they aren’t welcome.

The town is mostly overrun with steel mills and iron mines that rip into the Pteranodon -infested mountains and fuel the needs of the Confederacy that can’t be solved with plantations and bootstraps.

Yeah, I am just kidding. The crushing beak of this enormous sea turtle has so much power in it that the armor bonus of any creature suffering a bite attack is halved, and yes, that includes manmade body armor, and even Union ironclad armor. Well, that means we need broncosaugus bands, don’t we?

Broncosaurus Rex PDF

This sneaky saurian gathers intel to hand off to anti-settler groups like larger raptor tribes and groups of Wild Ones, sells guns to raptors, and is generally a thorn in the side of the Confederates’ attempts to “tame” the dinosaur planet. There are also our first actual honest to god NPCs. Thank you so much! bronfosaurus