November 17, 2018


The Purananuru is a Tamil poetic work in the Eight Anthologies (Ettuthokai), one of the works of the Eighteen Greater Texts (Pathinenmelkanakku) collection. 25 செப்டம்பர் Posted in Sangam and tagged Purananooru | Leave a comment of all hues to whip up the glorious bravery of Tamils of yesteryears. The old. Yes, I have gone through them both once and I am in the process of going through them again to understand the meaning of every word contained in their texts.

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Dying in battle was the biggest honor for men from martial clans. Poems and are lost and some of the poems exist only in fragment. These are vetchi, when the king provokes war by attacking and stealing the cattle of his enemy; vanchi, when the king invades the purananporu territory; uzhingai, when tamiil king lays a tamli of the enemy’s fortress; thumbai, when the two armies meet on a battlefield; vaakai, when the king is victorious; paataan, when the poet praises the king on his victory; and kanchi, when the poet sings on the fragility of human life.

Purananuru principally revolves around three themes – the king and ;urananooru powers over the environment, power of women’s purity, namely karpu chastityand the system of caste, which is not too different from the current system prevalent among Tamil society. So he waged war against them and asked them to pay tributes to him and accept him as their overlord. So those purahanooru want to attain spirituality, let go of the material world.

Even without seeing the cobra, people are afraid. It is the duty of our ruler to point him in the path of virtue. It is a treatise on kingship: Students’ Britannica India, Volumes Some of the poems are too damaged in the manuscripts to determine their thurais.


Some of the meters in Purananuru twmil Archaic. There are poems in Purananuru including the invocation poem. Tamil-language literature Sangam literature Tamil philosophy.

He was a famous patron to many poets. People bringing news from battle field say that her son ran away from the battle field after losing to the purananoork. A careful study of the synchronisation between the kings, chieftains and the poets suggested by these puranannooru indicates that this body of literature reflect occurrences within a period of four or five continuous generations at the most, a period of or years.

Purananuru songs exhibit a unique realism and immediacy not frequently found in classical literature. The oldest book of annotations found so far has annotations and commentary on the first poems.

He chides death for being stupid and taking away his life. Some of the authors of the poems, such as Kapilar and Nakkirar, have also written poems that are part of other anthologies.

The original poem flows in one single sentence. The poet says I grieve like that when I see this fabled assembly bereft of its King. Also, Tolkappiyam’s oozhinai theme does not occur in Purananuruits role being filled to some extent by the nochchi theme, whilst other themes, described as having a particular function in Tolkappiyam, are utilised differently by Purananuru.

Some of the names of the authors, such as Irumpitarthalaiyaar and Kookaikozhiyaar, seem to be nicknames based on words from the poems rather than proper names.

Those who are desirous of material world, she gives up on them. The colophons accompanying each poem name a total of eleven thinais.


Of the poets who wrote these poems, there are men and women, kings and paupers. This purananoooru a stirring poem written from the point of view of a woman from a martial clan.


Such was my youth unlesson’d. Just as the akam subjective poems are classified into seven thinais or landscapes based on the mood of the poem, the Tamil prosodical tradition mentioned in the ancient Tamil grammatical treatise Tolkappiyam also classifies puram objective poems into seven thinais based on the subject of the poems. The thinais for 44 poems have been lost due to the deterioration of the palm-leaf manuscripts.

This makes those chariots more valuable, as they are given in good sense. Like winged termites that buzz out of termite mounds and die within a day, they rose briefly only to die. Ln decides to give up his life instead of living in such abject condition.

Purananooru | Old Tamil Poetry

But when winged termites fly out of the mound, their life span is hardly a day. It will be elusive. The archaeology of seafaring in ancient South Asia. Jayachandran on Kambaramayanam — The last two themes are traditionally associated with akam poetry. Such ambiguity is what makes it a pleasure to read and interpet the classics. From the subject matter of the poems they accompany, each can be said to represent the following themes:. This is a poem singing the praise of a renowned warlord.

She is reed thin, veins stand out in her shoulders, her stomach is shrivelled like dry lotus leaves. So the king who drives the wagon of governance. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This is further strengthened by the mention of Maurya in poem and a reference to Ramayana in poem