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PDF format. US Letter size paper required for reference the document SCA Protocols | Cupping Specialty Coffee for more information. Attention. SCAA Cupping Protocols PDF: download. ESPRESSO ANALYZER · WHOLESALE · ONLINE SHOP · Account · Home / SCAA Cupping Score Form. This for is the Specialty Coffee Association cupping form as used by the Academy of Coffee Excellence. We use this form in the following courses: Advanced.

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Any serious coffee buyer should take the time to invest in setting up a cupping lab.

Typically cupping is performed in both vupping and consuming countries, at times before and after a shipment of coffee arrives at its destination. The net effect is a wider range of scores for good coffees. It simply isn’t useful for The system is based on a point scale, thereby allowing for the classification of very low quality “Off Grade” coffees to “Super Premium Specialty” coffee. Tools and Coffee 4. It only takes on significance in a context where one can compare the relative acidity of many different coffees and over time develop a firm idea about how intense the acidity of any coffee must be to achieve an 8.

It is imperative that a coffee is not roasted past a medium roast, as important flavor notes and potential defects can easily get masked – obviously defeating the point of cupping. This first form is a slightly simplified version of the one that we use in our lab at the Intelligentsia Roasting Works.

Although not mandatory, it is common to have samples of both green and roasted coffee present on the cupping table during the actual cupping. Table 1 below summarizes some of the most commonly used terms during cupping.


Coffee Cupping Online Form

Using the Intelligentsia Form The first thing you should note is the aromatic properties of the cup. Download it now PDF, 10kb. Record this total pointage, as it will be subtracted from the overall wcaa below. Below is the lists of some basic equipment needed for any lab. Preparing the Infusion Once the coffee has been roasted allow it to rest overnight in a clean area.

SCAA Cupping protocol Vs. AC

This form was developed by CoffeeGeek for internal cupping tests and evaluations of coffee for the website, but also presents an alternative form for you to use while cupping. At CoffeeGeek, when we evaluate coffees we have a two stage aroma judgment – we evaluate the aroma from the freshly ground coffee, then the aroma again when the crust is broken. Content, code, and images may not be reused without permission. Acids Alkaloids Carbohydrates Lipids Proteins. Thursday, 23 April The Cupping Now that the coffee is prepared, let’s begin with the first step in cupping – assessing the coffee’s “fragrance”.

In addition, there are a number of books that will walk you through the basics of cupping. SCAA Cupping scores are measured on a scale, effectively meaning you start off with 60 points. Use the writing space to write down the fleeting flavour notes you may taste.

For those without access to an Agtron, the SCAA sells color discs that serve as great points of reference during roasting. Once the time is up, gently take your spoon and break the top layer of coffee otherwise known as the “crust”. Pour hot water into the cup and allow it to steep for minutes – use a digital timer for this.

The form, which is broken up into ten parameters, allows panelists to rate and penalize for any defects found in the cup s. Usage of this website signifies agreement with our Terms and Conditions. According to the system, any coffee which has passed physical grading and cups with a score over 80 points is considered “Specialty” grade. Revised in the early ‘s, the SCAA cupping provides cuppers with an objective way of capturing some of the most important sensory aspects in coffee. Record your score on the cupping form.


It also has a place to record ‘dry’ and ‘break’ aroma. By the time coffee gets to a customer, the defective coffee lots have been weeded out aka sold to commercial roasters for use in blends.

Although the terminology is relatively straight forward, you will see that many terms differ in meaning from country to country. However, we realized vupping while it’s an excellent tool for professionals, it’s not a perfect fit for normal coffee drinkers. One key problem is that scxa was designed to be used at origin, where graders are concerned about avoiding defects as much as they are concerned about finding flavorful and interesting coffee.

Whatever your philosophical position, this form is designed to meet your needs just fine. The first step is to ensure that the coffee to be “cupped” is of a light to medium roast. Scoring Range And finally, we expanded the scoring range. Once all the cups have been weighed out, grind the coffee to a coarse grind and cover the top of the glass cuppinv a small sheet of paper well return to this later.

Although cupping may seem intimidating at first, with continued practice, the process will soon become second nature.

Once all the parameters have been assessed, we subtract any defects that may have been present and get a Final Score.