November 16, 2018


Hailed as “an extraordinary novel of men at war” (The Washington Post) this is the book that inspired the TNT television series starring Eric Dane, Rhona Mitra. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Perhaps the most surprising thing about this The Last Ship: A Novel – Kindle edition by William Brinkley. Download. Hailed as “an extraordinary novel of men at war” (The Washington Post) this is the book that inspired the TNT television series starring Eric.

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The unimaginable horror of total nuclear war has been let loose upon the world.

Jun 01, Shibumi rated it really liked it. I thought the title was familiar and looked in my bookcase. And it just goes ON, this menacing mix of lust and violence, terror and fury.

There is a TON left unknown, which I suppose is par for this kind of course. InBrinkley moved laxt McAllen, Texas and would live there until his death in I just don’t have the energy.

There were sentences so long as to be utterly confusing and very hard to read. We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them. Logic of that kind will get you nowhere in this book.


And you may be thinking – wow, if t Original review date: The Last Ship is a magnificent book. The story isn’t bad but the main character rambles and complains for pages upon pages.

I want to like it. The plot was good and it makes the book worth reading, but I was really dragging my feet over the writing. Back in the ‘s when this book was published, I understand that was a big deal; however, in accordance to the writing style noted above, it comes across as a bit much. View all 9 comments. It is grim, it is raw, and it will make you cry if you are sensitive to such things, described in the most eloquent, erudite English I have ever read.


Thomas keeps the deal he made with the Soviet captain trading food and a place for the Russians in any society the Americans build on land for nuclear fuel, if found at the Soviet base from most of his crew, in order to not get their hopes up.

Also, when they that the TV show is loosely based on this book the mean very, very loosely. What did I miss with Girard? The short version first. Its target is the Soviet city of Orel, and its firing position is above the Arctic Circle in the Barents Sea–a location that turns out to protect the ship from the fate of all other naval vessels.

The one really thought provoking bit to come out of this – there’s one interesting section of dialogue where the Captain speaks with a Russian sub commander, and they wjlliam share that prior to the war, they both viewed it as inevitable. The book is quite clearly divided into 3 sections.

The Last Ship (novel) – Wikipedia

They notice a pattern where the amount of fallout increases with the size of nearby landmasses. I felt like, in his head, all the men were cute puppies, and all the women were disdainful cats.

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One could safely say that his editor deserved to be keelhauled. Feb 03, Aerin rated it did not like it Shelves: Th found myself skimming and skimming to find the occasional conversation or nuggets of interest to me; however, in the end it was just a chore.

Many of the captain’s reflections concern how much more wonderful sailors are, in every respect, when compared to other people. Oct 11, Jean Farrell rated it liked it. His thoughts on women, talking about them as if they are some form of alien race, only serve to make him seem sexist. At times I found myself backtracking to re-read whole chapters in order to maintain a grasp of where and when I was in the story. This review has been willkam because it contains spoilers.

He discusses the ethics of commanding a warship, the capabilities of nuclear strike forces, daily life aboard a U. The story is difficult to follow at the end. Instead he’s shortsighted, long-winded, and a dink. It was as though there were ten pages missing they weren’t, of course. The James Acton Thrillers Series: Published February 13th by Ballantine Books first published